America’s Problem? It’s Too White! Obama to The Rescue: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 4-5-15

The Teri O'Brien Show

The Teri O’Brien Show,

Democrats have been working since 1965 to “remake” America’s ethnic composition by bringing the Third World here, at taxpayer expense, OF COURSE!

In this episode, we explore the disturbing steps that Obama has been taking to turn the whole country into the slime pit or corruption, cronyism and identity politics that he crawled out of, Cook County.

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 In this episode, you’ll learn:

How  the Obama administration’s Departments of State and Homeland (In)Security have been secretly scheming to import more Central American “children,” who can be up to age 21, flying them here at taxpayer-expense, where they will receive free medical care, education, food stamps and welfare, a plan revealed in a conference call on March 31, 2015

What happened on January 1, 2014 in a Somali neighborhood in Minneapolis? There was an explosion in an apartment building occupied by single men from that country, and owned by an alleged terrorist financier, and authorities are stonewalling on what happened.

What isn’t being mentioned in the current discussions about Barack Obama’s plan to facilitate Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapon

About Sen. Barack Obama’s questionable dealings that led to his being on Judicial Watch’s Top Ten Most Corrupt Politicians of 2007

What cadaverous sleaze ball Sen. Harry Reid had to say about the report from the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security that questioned his efforts to get EB-5 visas for foreign investors in a Las Vegas casino that employed his son Rory.

How gutless politicians decided to try to out-stupid vacuous entertainers and corporate weasels on the issue of Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

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Links from the Show

The Browning of America

DHS Launches “Family Reunification,” Refugee Program for Central Americans – Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ for Records Regarding Suspicious 2014 New Year’s Day Explosion at Apartment Building in Minneapolis Muslim Neighborhood – Judicial Watch

682 Syrians admitted to US so far, seeded throughout America, 90% are Muslims « Refugee Resettlement Watch (The Obama Regime wants to bring more refugees in from Syria, but its own FBI says it doesn’t have the resources to properly screen them)

Texas Officials Warn: Terrorists May Be Entering U.S. Through Southern Border – Teri O’Brien – America’s Original Conservative Warrior Princess

Job fair takes aim at Somali unemployment | Minnesota Public Radio News (Somalis in MN have 21% unemployment rate, and more than 1/2 live in poverty. Why exactly are we importing these people, other than to be new democrat voters?)

Obama Immigration Will Drown Conservatism | The Daily Caller (Since 1965, when Ted Kennedy engineered a change in immigration law, democrats have been working on changing the ethnic mix of the electorate, what I call the “Cook County-ization of America”)

Communities have little say about the amount of refugees they receive | Concord Monitor

IRS defends paying refunds to illegals who never filed taxes – Washington Times

Menendez Indicted, Reid and Obama Get Off Scot-Free

Sen. Robert Menendez indicted on corruption charges – The Washington Post (Conduct described occurred in 2012. Why the indictment now?)

Sen. Bob Menendez should resign – The Washington Post (Dana Milbank, this week’s George Stephanopoulos, as in a political operative for Obama)

Harry Reid has no regrets accussing Mitt Romney of not paying taxes –

White House Refuses To Condemn Harry Reid’s Mitt Romney Lie | The Daily Caller

Judicial Watch Most Corrupt Politicians Of 2007 – Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Reid | Real Science (“It was reported that just two months after he joined the Senate, Obama purchased $50,000 worth of stock in speculative companies whose major investors were his biggest campaign contributors. One of the companies was a biotech concern that benefited from legislation Obama pushed just two weeks after the senator purchased $5,000 of the company’s shares”)

The Real Reason Harry Reid is Retiring – Breitbart

Nuclear Iran: Obama’s Plan All Along

Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy » Mosaic

Outline of Iran Nuclear Deal Sounds Different From Each Side – (Fact that each side issued its own statement after this framework was announced says it all, doesn’t it?)

White House officials defend Somalia strategy as counterterrorism model – The Washington Post

MSNBC Panel Presses Earnest: Shouldn’t You Stop Calling Yemen a Success Story? | Mediaite

Iranian deal silent on fate of U.S. prisoners held by Tehran – Washington Times

Al Qaeda fighters free 270 from Yemen prison –

Competing for the Idiot Prize on RFRA (5:55)

Asa Hutchinson asks Arkansas leaders to recall religious freedom bill – Nick Gass – POLITICO

Hands Down, The Dumbest Argument in Favor of So-Called Same Sex Marriage

Christian Man Asks Thirteen Gay Bakeries To Bake Him Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake, And Is Denied Service By All Of Them (WATCH THE SHOCKING VIDEO) – Walid Shoebat

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