Andrew Breitbart, R.I.P.

This morning when I got the alert that said “conservative activist Andrew Breitbart dead at 43,” I have to confess I was hoping it was some sort of Andy Kaufmann thing, as in, “Now that the vicious, stop-at-nothing Left thinks I’m gone, let’s all enjoy watching them spew all the predictable hateful garbage we’ve learned to expect from them, proving yet again who they really are, then–SURPRISE–I’m not really dead, Douchebags!” I texted my good friend, Fran Eaton, editor at Illinois Review, to confirm that it was true. Her one word text “Yes” jarred me, but then I knew it was. (Fran posted the video of Andrew’s appearance at IR’s Right Nation 2010 here.)

As so many have noted today, Andrew was despised by the Left precisely because he understood them so well. He was determined to expose them, and what I’m sure really drove them nuts (and granted it’s a short drive) was his fearlessness and his willingness to use their own tactics against them. Think James O’Keefe.

We must do all we can to see that the aggressive vetting of Obama that he promised about 3 weeks ago won’t be abandoned. May we all continue the fight with the same courage and focus.

And let this warrior’s passing at the ridiculously young age of 43 be yet another reminder: life is short. Hug those you love and never leave them without telling them how much you love them.

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