Angela Corey Sued by Whistleblower To Answer for Unethical Conduct


From Reuters:

A former employee of Florida State Attorney Angela Corey’s office plans to file a whistleblower lawsuit against George Zimmerman’s prosecutors, his attorney told Reuters on Tuesday. …

Kruidbos testified last month in a pre-trial hearing that he found photos on Martin’s phone that included pictures of a pile of jewelry on a bed, underage nude females, marijuana plants and a hand holding a semi-automatic pistol.

If her office withheld evidence, at a minimum, Ms. Corey should be disciplined, and probably should be disbarred. It is despicable and disgusting for prosecutors to behave in this unethical manner because when the state targets an individual, these disclosure rules are the only thing that make it a fair fight and protect the presumption of innocence.

Ms. Corey’s nauseating and unwarranted devaluing of the efforts of Zimmerman jury says a lot about who she is and about her lack of regard for the rule of law. We can only hope that she will have to answer for that as this litigation proceeds.

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