Another Armed Citizen Defends Her Home

On the 1/6/13 edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we told you about the Georgia woman, Melinda Hermanwho defended herself against an intruder who discovered her huddling with her two children in their home’s crawl space. On yesterday’s show, we told you about the grandmother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who defended her store against a knife-wielding would be robber. Now, from Shawnee, Oklahoma, a story of a woman, Pam Loman, who fended off three intruders, one of whom kicked in her front door, in broad daylight last Friday. From Oklahoma’s

Pam was cleaning her home Friday afternoon when she heard someone knocking at her front door.

“One was knocking on the door, but there was two in the car. So I thought that was kind of strange, and they looked a little scary,” she said.

Pam says the knocking got harder, to just outright banging.

“So my instinct was to go get a gun. I don’t know why, I never in my life felt like I needed to go get a gun,” Pam said.

She stood near her kitchen, just steps away from the front door, with both hands on her .32-caliber pistol.

And just all of a sudden, with one kick, he knock the door completely in. The frame came flying down. Things came flying everywhere,” Pam recalled. “And he saw that I had the gun, and he grabbed the door handle and pulled the door shut.”

Let me take this opportunity to once again answer the question that so many EBCR (East Coast Brain Rot) afflicted, panty-wearing gun grabbers have been asking during their latest attempt to exploit the murder of little children to promote their anti-freedom agenda; specifically “Why does anyone need a large capacity magazine?” Gee, let me see. Melinda Herman? What if there had been two or three assailants threatening her and her children as they hid in the crawlspace? What if instead of one scumbag kicking in Pam Loman’s door, the other two dirt bags waiting in the car had also stormed her home?

Law-abiding citizens shouldn’t have to justify their God-given rights and how we choose to exercise them to phony, elitist politicians, most of whom wouldn’t set foot outside their protective bubbles without at least one armed guard. Who needs a large capacity magazine (other than David “Laws are for the little people” Gregory, of course, when he’s doing some idiotic TV stunt)? Whoever the hell wants one, provided he is a law abiding, adult American! Keep your hands off my rights, Weasels!

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