Another Back Door Amnesty: The U Visa Program


As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with Obama’s lawless “pen and phone” amnesty, not only for “DREAMer’s,” but also their parents, under the radar, there’s this “U Visa” program. Have you heard of it? Read on.

From Polizette:

More than 65,000 illegal immigrants have gained legal status since 2008 in the United States under a little-known program for crime victims that critics say has morphed into a back-door immigration program.

The “U visa” program is one of a seemingly never-ending list of ways illegal immigrants can avoid deportation. Critics argue that like many such visas, the Obama administration has stretched what originally was a narrowly tailored program into something far more expansive.

“The administration has been doing kind of a sales pitch” to encourage illegal immigrants to seek U visas, said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Washington-based Federation for American Immigration Reform. “It’s unnecessary … It’s an invitation to fraud.” …

In addition to the illegal immigrants, more than 50,500 relatives have gained legal entry under a provision that allows U visa recipients to sponsor immediate family members. …

U visas are good for four years, and a visa holder can apply for a green card and permanent legal residency after three years.

Great! So glad that they can bring in their relatives. Do they register to vote as democrats at the same time that they get that permanent legal residency?

What’s to prevent an illegal, fearing deportation, from faking being a crime victim? U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services assures us that they are vigilant to prevent fraud. Do you believe them? I don’t, especially with Obama in charge.

Here’s the best part. Ambulance chaser types are seeking ways to exploit this law:

A 2013 manual published by the Community Justice Project at Georgetown University Law Center boasts that the U visa offers “great potential for creative and innovative advocacy” for immigration lawyers.

The manual counsels attorneys on how to frame arguments on behalf of illegal immigrant clients. It offers a hypothetical example that might qualify: An illegal immigrant pays $1,000 to a man promising to get him legal immigration status. The immigrant, according to the publication, could claim to be a victim of fraud. (emphasis mine)

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) sponsored a bill in 2013 to stop these U Visa holders from bringing in their relatives, but it went nowhere. Once we defund the “refugee” invasion, we should turn our attention to cleaning up this program.

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