Another Back room Deal Producing an America-Destroying Train wreck: Amnesty Conspiracy in the House Makes Sure Illegals Continue to Use Emergency Rooms

From YNN (Waco, TX), a story from last April:

While the Senate’s so-called Gang of Eight stalls on immigration reform, another group with a more specific proposal could get the jump on them.

Republican Rep. John Carter of Round Rock admits to an ongoing series of bipartisan House negotiations, all held in secret.

“We have been meeting on this issue for almost four years,” Carter said. “It’s miraculous that we kept it a secret.”

Let that sink in. “It’s miraculous that we kept it a secret.” He’s talking about the Houses’ so-called Gang of 8, now a gang of 7. The Daily Beast concurs:

 The group has been working on this bill since the beginning of the Obama presidency, and took up the issue with enewed vigor after November’s elections.

So, four Republicans have been conspiring behind closed doors for almost 4 years with Luis Gutierrez (D-Open Borders) to sell out the American middle-class and complete Obama’s mission of “remaking” America into Cook County writ large! Actually, it’s now 3 Republicans because Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) dropped out. Why? From ABC News:

The struggle for agreement came when Republicans wanted to include language in the bill that would make undocumented immigrants responsible for 100 percent of their own medical expenses, in full.

Under current law, hospitals are required to give emergency care to anyone who walks in to a facility in need. The individual pays what they qualify for and Medicaid picks up the remainder, reimbursing the hospital for the difference.

Republicans wanted the undocumented immigrants personally responsible – out-of-pocket – for all the health care costs they incur.

Democrats suggested the creation of a fund or a pool of money to which  the 11 million undocumented immigrants would contribute to take care of any of health care costs for the 11 million.

But Labrador wasn’t going to budge, according to sources.

Gee, why would making illegals pay for their own health care even be an issue? Weren’t we told by proponents of this amnesty scheme that these “undocumented” people who come “out of the shadows” won’t be eligible for any benefits and won’t be a drain on the taxpayers? Aren’t the proponents of this amnesty the same people who told us we needed Obamacare because so many people were showing up at emergency rooms for medical care? How will this amnesty change that? If anything, it sounds like the proponents are counting on that continuing to happen, and their only concern is making sure illegals don’t have to pay for the care they get.

The remaining Republicans in this now “Gang of 7” are Republicans, Reps. John Carter of Texas, Mario Diaz-Balart of Florida and Sam Johnson of Texas. We need to contact them TODAY, especially those of you who live in their districts, to let them know that you are on to this con and want it stopped IMMEDIATELY. You can find contact information for them, and your member of Congress here, courtesy of the good people at NumbersUSA. 

When you contact your representative, please ask him if he believes any of the things on this list.


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