Another Ferguson Protestor Going to the Steel Hotel

Yesterday we reported on this character, Joshua Williams, a Ferguson “protestor” who pled guilty to arson and burglary and got sentenced to eight years. A week ago another Ferguson dirtbag, Justin Payne–how in the world do these guys get time off work to do all this stuff anyway?–got sentenced to cool his heels in the slammer. He pled guilty in September, 2015.

From The Riverfront Times:

A Ferguson protester linked to the hacker collective Anonymous was sentenced Monday to federal prison for orchestrating a cyber attack that knocked out a St. Louis police union’s website after the death of Michael Brown.

Justin Payne, 33, pleaded guilty in September to the online blitz as well as possession of a Molotov cocktail. He was sentenced to 30 months behind bars.

Payne, using Twitter accounts for “Rebel but Gangster Black Rebels,” used a “distributed denial-of-services” attack to overwhelm the bandwidth of the St. Louis County Police Association site. The DDoS onslaught on December 2, 2014 shut down the site — and drew the attention of the FBI. Federal investigators quickly traced the attack to Payne and the Rebel but Gangster Twitter account.

This clown is 33 years old! Can you say arrested development? Well, arrested for sure, and now convicted.

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Wait, there’s more

The RbG offensive launched in conjunction with Operation Ferguson, a project of Anonymous, authorities said. The hacker group threatened to “attack every server and computer” belonging to cops and Ferguson city government if police abused protesters demonstrating after a grand jury declined to indict Ferguson police Officer Darren Wilson in eighteen-year-old Brown’s death.

Payne, a former Veterans Affairs worker, was arrested in March. Investigators said they found messages related to killing police on his Twitter account. They discovered the Molotov cocktail while searching his car. (emphasis mine)

And one of the computers he used was the one at his V.A. office. Your tax dollars at work!

From the Washington Times:

Digital evidence referenced by prosecutors revealed that the main RbG account was used frequently from computers connected to the Internet in the VA office where Payne worked and at his mother’s house. He told the FBI at the time of his arrest that he “retweets (messages) all the time” and “was not aware it was a crime to retweet stuff,” adding that the St. Louis County Police Association “does not even sound like a real organization,” according to prosecutors, and that his account may have been hacked. Nevertheless, the government said that the browser history on Payne’s work computer revealed he had landed on the same page for “napalm” 143 times, searched for the SLCPA on Google and had viewed the Anonymous site that hosted the DDoS tool.

Merry Christmas, Justin, and Happy New Year to you, IN JAIL!


  1. Another playmate for Bubba! There has to be a way to get Anonymous.

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