Another “Lone Wolf” Shouts Allahu Akbar Murders British Woman & Her Dog

He shouted Allahu Akbar before he stabbed her and her dog to death, and local authorities in Australia “aren’t ruling out any motive.” So, it’s not only the U.S. where gutless, clueless politicians gagged by political correctness won’t state the obvious.

Allahu Akbar

Murdered by lunatic shouting Allahu Akbar, Authorities aren’t ruling out any motive

From The Jerusalem Post:

A 29-year-old Frenchman shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) as he stabbed a British woman to death and wounded two people at a backpackers’ hotel in Australia, police said on Wednesday.

The man was in Australia on a valid tourist visa and had no known links to radical groups such as Islamic State, which has urged its followers to carry out attacks with knives or other readily available weapons, police said.

British and Australian media identified the dead woman as Mia Ayliffe-Chung, 21, from the English county of Derbyshire. The Australian Broadcasting Corp said that she was in the country on a working holiday.

A 30-year-old British man was in critical condition in hospital after the late Tuesday attack in Queensland state, south of the city of Townsville.

Police said they were not ruling out any motive.

“Initial inquiries indicate that comments which may be construed of being of an extremist nature were made by the alleged offender,” Queensland Police Service Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski told reporters.

“This person appears to have acted alone,” he said. “He is a visitor to Australia and has no known local connections, however investigations are ongoing.

From the BBC:

A French suspect, 29, who allegedly said the Arabic phrase “Allahu akbar” during the attack, was arrested.

Police are treating the incident as a murder case, not a terror attack.

They are investigating a number of possible motivations, including drugs misuse, mental health issues and extremism. (emphasis mine)

Another case of “mental health issues?” Is it time to admit that adherence to Islamism is a mental disorder?

On Monday, in Roanoke, Virginia, another “lone wolf,” 20-year-old Wasil Farooqui, attempted to behead a man and stabbed the man’s female companion as they tried to enter The Pines Apartments. The FBI has opened a terror investigation, but more troubling is the fact that this Islamist maniac had been on the feds’ radar screen for some time. Here we go again: shades of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen, who had also been interviewed not once, but twice, by the FBI prior to murdering 49 people last June.


Frequent Teri O’Brien Show guest Andrew McCarthy has written a number of terrific, and essential books, about our enemy. This one seems particularly on point here:

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Also from the BBC:

Queensland Police described the attack as “a senseless act of violence”.

“We don’t have any motive at this stage,” said Detective Superintendent Ray Rohweder on Twitter.

“We’re taking a number of statements in relation to what exactly was said on the evening.”

Right. #NothingToDoWithIslam


  1. “A 29-year-old Frenchman shouted “Allahu Akbar””

    He was not a “Frenchman”. He was a 29 year old Muslim with some tenuous connection to France masquerading as a “Frenchman”.

  2. Thank you Teri, coming from you I take that as high praise indeed. I am humbled that you find my comments cogent.

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