Another Twin Falls Refugee Sexual Assault?

We have reported extensively on the sexual assault of a 5 year old Twin Falls Idaho girl by two refugees, one from Iraq, one Sudan. Now another arrest for sexual assault in Twin Falls for an attack over the weekend of a vulnerable, mentally retarded adult.

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A Twin Falls man was arraigned in district court Monday for allegedly sexually assaulting a vulnerable adult this past weekend.

According to court documents, police were dispatched to a Twin Falls home Saturday afternoon for a reported sexual assault of a woman with mental retardation.

The alleged victim – who requires help with daily activities and lives with family – told police she went for a walk around the neighborhood and became hot and tired.

She then lay on the sidewalk when her fatigue took over. That’s when she says 28-year-old Mohammed Hussein Eldai saw her and asked if she was okay.

Court documents say Eldai brought the woman to his house where he made her a drink. She told police Eldai touched her and exposed himself to her while he kept the victim in his bedroom.

Police then made contact with Eldai who, according to court documents, admitted to touching and exposing himself to the victim with the intention of having intercourse with her.

Don’t you love that, “a Twin Falls man,” “Mohammed Hussein Eldai,”? I’m sure his family has been in Idaho since forever. Of course, in typical media fashion, there is no mention of whether he is part of the controversial, and widely opposed, refugee resettlement program.

From Fox News, with a H/T to my friend and one time Teri O’Brien Show guest Ann Corcoran of

Zeze Rwasama’s Idaho nonprofit gets $900 a head to meet Syrian refugees at the airport and help them adjust to their new lives in America, but some critics say the rush for federal tax dollars could put local communities at risk.

As director of the College of Southern Idaho Refugee Center, Rwasama is part of a broad network of contractors, faith-based organizations and charities working with the State Department to screen, transport and assimilate U.S.-bound refugees. They have played a vital role in bringing nearly 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. over the last 12 months, a number slated to rise dramatically next year.

“We Americans are saving lives,” Rwasama, himself a Christian refugee from Rwanda, told “Because of my taxpayer dollars, they have a safe place to live.”

Critics of the vetting process say such organizations also have a duty to the unsuspecting communities into which they introduce potentially dangerous strangers. Several state lawmakers told the government’s push to expand the program have created a taxpayer-funded gold rush that could expose cities and towns across America to crime and even terrorism.

So do you think Mohammed Hussein Eldai is part of this refugee resettlement, a key part of Barack Obama’s “remaking” America? Is it coincidence that when the Regime and the State Department to resettle some of these “refugees” in Virginia, they made sure they were no were near affluent D.C. suburbs?


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