Remember When Anthony Weiner Was a Left-Wing Dreamboat?

As we discussed on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, up until he fessed up to his creepy proclivities for tweeting naked pictures of his naughty bits to women more than half his age, Anthony Weiner was a hero to the left, especially the more unhinged, MS-NBC viewing cohort. Why? Because of his propensity for being extremely abrasive and downright rude to those who didn’t share his “progressive” philosophy. Like Barack Obama, he clearly views politics as warfare, in which his conservative “enemies” must be ridiculed, Alinsky-style, humiliated and defeated. Unlike Obama, he had no desire to conceal his disdain for these evil opponents of his desire to “remake” America. He wore no mask of civility. He aggressively interrupted anyone who tried to interview him, and hurled reckless, even slanderous, accusations. And the Left loved him for it! Even though you could fit his accomplishments as a legislator in a thimble, he was lionized. For example, check out the intro to this video, which calls him a “fearless, passionate, articulate progressive:”

Back in the day, before Little Anthony became a Twitter sensation, there was serious belly aching on the Left about Obama being way too polite to those evil dark forces that were trying to stop him from “remaking” America. Why couldn’t he be more like Anthony Weiner?

Now, those voices are silent on that subject, instead wanting Weiner to just go away where he won’t embarrass them. Obviously, it’s impossible to embarrass him.


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