Why Is Anyone Surprised by Obama’s “Post-Constitutional” (H/T Mark Levin) Behavior? He Told Us in 2001

Our “post-Constitutional” Current Occupant of the Oval Office, holding forth on the very deficit and flawed U.S. Constitution.

Barack Obama is a smooth-talking, radical leftwing empty suit/con artist who has the additional advantage of an ass-kissing media, enchanted by his mixed-race heritage and his Ivy League education, affirmative-action assisted as it is. Once he started running for national office, he realized that time had come to deceive the public about his actual beliefs, especially about his zeal for income redistribution and “economic and social justice.” Back in 2001, though, “Professor” (read adjunct lecturer) Obama had no problem pontificating about the joys of activist government. Recall the following words from back in 2001, from an interview with a Chicago public radio station (Video above):

The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth and sort of more basic issues of political and economic justice in this society. And to that extent, as radical as I think people tried to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers in the Constitution, as least as it’s been interpreted, and [sic] Warren Court interpreted in the same way that, generally, the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties, says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.

What the government “must do on your behalf,” as in provide you with food stamps, “affordable health care, and an Obama phone.

And let’s not also forget that, despite his attempts to cover up the truth, he is adamantly opposed to the 2nd amendment. Listen here to Prof. John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime, who was on the faculty of the University of Chicago Law School at the same time as Obama, describe Barry’s hostility not only toward the 2nd amendment, but toward having any conversations with people who disagree with him.

The Warren Court committed numerous activist outrages against the Constitution, but for a not far enough for the One. He wants to “break free” from those “constraints” from those dead, white Europeans that he and every other Leftist despises. He’s been working for 6 years to try to get that job done, which as we approach next week’s election, is worth remembering.

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