Apparently, Only Republicans Can Be Ideological

Over the last 24 hours Congressional democrats have sprinted to every open mike to repeat one mantra about the federal budget impasse; that is, that it persists because of the intransigent, ideological GOP and its belligerent refusal to make a deal, no matter what the consequences, no matter that our troops might not get their paychecks and no matter how many school bands who have been planning their trips to Washington, D.C. for two years and who won’t be able to go the Smithsonian, all because of their hostility toward “women’s health,” apparently another phrase that means “Planned Parenthood.” If America’s number one abortion provider isn’t stripped of the $300 million it is scheduled to receive, these anti-choice zealots, who are hell bent on not only shutting down Yellowstone Park, but also killing women, don’t care what happens. The country be damned. The troops be damned. Let me take a cue from the Jurassic media and avoid dwelling on the inconvenient fact that we’re only in this mess because democrats failed to pass a 2011 budget last year when they controlled both houses of Congress, and ask a couple of obvious questions.

Why is the Republicans’ opposition to giving taxpayer money to the number one abortion provider in the United States “ideological,” but Democrats stubborn insistence that Planned Parenthood’s funding remain untouched NOT “ideological?”

How exactly does $300 million in government spending, regardless of the worthiness of the recipient, have “nothing to do with the deficit” as Senator Chuck Schumer stated yesterday? Does that $300 million come from some magic money tree that Sen. Schumer and Sen. Durbin are growing in the townhouse that they share in D.C. and have been hiding from us, those sly foxes?

As a woman, who has enjoyed very good health for many years without assistance from Planned Parenthood, I wonder: am I missing out? If PP is the be-all and end-all of “women’s health,” perhaps I need to dump my current medical providers and entrust my care to their able  employees. If I go there, can I get my mammogram right away, or do I have to wait until the 13 year-old impregnated by her 24 year-old boyfriend “takes care of” her “problem?”

While we ponder these questions, we must also reflect on the stunning lack of leadership that brings us to this place. For Barack Obama to wag his bony finger and say, as he did during his Tuesday press room pop-in, that it’s time for Congressional Republicans to “act like grownups,” is only slightly less ridiculous than it would be for Charlie Sheen to lecture us on acting sane. True to form, he has voted present on the budget over the last year. But, in fairness, he was occupied with important priorities like golfing, partying with Motown celebrities and jetting off to schmooze Al Sharpton.

Not that a government won’t bring suffering should it occur. If that sob story that Obama told about how much ordinary, paycheck-to-paycheck survivor J.T. Henderson and his family would suffer because of the Republicans’ assault on America didn’t make you tear up, consider an even more horrible possibility: Barack, Michelle and the girls might have to postpone their upcoming vacation to Williamsburg! Since Barry and his family are among the few who can still afford a vacation in this economy, this would be tragic indeed.


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  2. You have no one to blame but yourself. Did you really think that you could continue to spew obscenities and engage in vulgar, off topic rants with no consequences? You don’t sound so happy anymore! While you may have a right to express your opinion (however crudely), others have an equally valid right to disagree with you and ignore you.

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