“Apparently, some women are too stupid to find their own vaginas.”


Seriously? They can’t possibly be looking very hard. From ViralRead, a story entitled “Cartoon Vagina Fights ‘Cultural Stigma’ of Masturbation:”

Apparently, some women are too stupid to find their own vaginas. (Pro tip: You can Google it.) In order to assist the anatomically ignorant, designer Tina Gong has created “Happy Playtime,” a Web site that features an animated cartoon of the aforesaid ladyparts that women who flunked sixth-grade biology class could not otherwise locate.

Why is this necessary in life? Perhaps it’s part of the old feminist saw “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

Maybe Tina Gong should get together with Erica Jong, author of the 50 Shades of Grey of her day, Fear of Flying. She also should have told Sandra Fluke about this way to experience sexual pleasure. No birth control required!

Let me repeat again: I am more than willing to give up my right to vote if it will keep any of the women who require the assistance of “Happy Playtime.” Most of them are all too familiar with the mental masturbation engaged in by Barack Obama and other democrats, which is a much bigger problem than anything address by this website.

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  1. Rogert H. Goetz, Sr.

    Sadly, this is becoming the mainstream of guernment school curriculum! in some parts of the Country, they are teaching “fist graders” to masturbate! But wait a minute… Where are the parents in this equasion? Do they not have a more than equal role in a child’s education? The problem (as I see it through my prudish conservitive lens is that these miscereant parents are too busy chasing their own personal “gratification” and persuits. They are in many cases, no better than the teachers who are foisting this immorality on these kids!

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