Appeals Court Rejects Obama’s Lawless Amnesty

Thanks to courageous Judge Andrew Hanen, and the 5th Circuit for a rare victory for the rule of law against Obama’s lawless amnesty

From The Washington Times:

President Obama’s effort to grant up to 5 million illegal immigrants work permits and amnesty from deportation suffered a major blow late Monday when a federal appeals court ruled it was likely illegal, in yet another move by the courts to set bounds on this White House’s efforts to stretch presidential powers.

The 2-1 decision by the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting in New Orleans, delivers a huge win to 26 states, led by Texas, who had sued a year ago to stop the president after he declared he was done waiting for Congress and announced he was changing the law on his own.

The ruling does not mean those illegal immigrants will be deported — indeed, the judges affirmed that the administration has a lot of leeway to decide who does get kicked out on a case-by-case basis. But the decision means that while leaving them alone, the Homeland Security secretary cannot proactively go ahead and grant them work permits, Social Security numbers and a prospective grant of non-deportation for three years into the future.

When you hear Obama Regime spokes imbeciles, or even the Jackass himself, complaining about this ruling, remember that he himself, responding to whiny “immigration activists,” whose sense of entitlement is almost as big as Michelle Obama’s, (or as big as that enormous posterior she drags behind her), that he couldn’t change the law unilaterally. He said that over 20 times, before suddenly discovering that–Shazaam! Who knew?–he could!

Remember not all of these illegals come here out of love, as documented herehere and here.


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