Are You Sure This Didn’t Happen in Illinois? With Huge District Deficits, Teachers Got Taxpayer Funded Cosmetic Surgery

Wait until you read this one. From

Yet for years, taxpayers have footed the bill for elective cosmetic surgeries for Buffalo teachers, based on the insistence of the teachers union.

It’s not because they teachers are sustaining injuries on the job that affect their appearance, or because they are abnormally grotesque. It’s simply because the union-controlled school board won’t demand the perk be eliminated.

EAGnews reported in November 2012 that the Buffalo City School District spent $2.7 million in fiscal year 2011-12 for the “cosmetic rider” provision of the teachers’ health insurance plan. That rider stipulates the school district will pay for any elective cosmetic surgeries – you know, like face lifts, tummy tucks and boob jobs – union members may wish to have.

While $2.7 million is shocking enough, that number is actually down significantly from years past. It was $5.2 million the year before and over $9 million the year before that.

In Buffalo, New York, no less.

This sort of thing is what happens when the teachers union is in cahoots with the school board. No one is there to represent taxpayers.

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