Armed Citizen Stops Theater Shooter

Dateline San Antonio, from WOAI, the story of a theater shooter who forgot to plan his attack for a “gun free zone.”

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office says the off-duty sergeant, who was working security, heard the gunshots and came running. She saw the gunman coming out of the men’s restroom. The Sheriff’s Office says the gunman did not shoot at her, but his gun was drawn so she opened fire.

That off-duty sergeant, identified as Lisa Castellano, fired four times, wounding the gunman. Only one other person was wounded, a 49-year-old man inside the theater, who was hit by one of the gunman’s shots. Both are expected to recover.

I picture Ms. Castellano sort of like New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, back in the day when, as an 18 year-old, she was patrolling the church bingo for her parents’ security firm. Remember? Video here.


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