As 114th Congress convenes, GOP Senators Appear Ready to Cave in to Obama

(Note: if your browser doesn’t display the video properly, the link is here.

Sunday’s appearance by two GOP senators, Bob Corker of Tennessee, and John Thune of South Dakota, did not inspire confidence that they are ready to fight Obama’s destruction of this country. As Chris Wallace accurately says, they are obviously more interested in compromise than confrontation. Definitely not good. “We’re not going to shut the government down,” says Sen. Thune, then says they’ll use the power of the purse. Huh?

He also said that, while he doesn’t favor raising any tax, he’s open to raising gas taxes. They’ll get to a “resolution.”

As for Sen. Corker, where to begin?

For starters, he wants a 12-cent per gallon increase in the gas tax.

On Obama’s despicable cozying up to the Castro brothers, he says (at ~6:05), he needs “rigorous hearings” “to understand What behavioral change Cuba is willing to make.” Seriously? Hello?

On Iran, he’s paying attention and talking to people (~7:45). He never answered the question on whether there will actually be any sanctions. Sen. Corker, please grow up. Barack Obama will make a deal with Iran, a bad one, then declare that he has solved another foreign policy problem. The fact that Joe Biden, who has been wrong on every single foreign policy issue over the last 30+ years, said that Iran won’t have a nuke makes it practically a done deal.

On Obama’s transferring 28 detainees out of Gitmo in 2014, will they block him if decides to try to close Gitmo on his own, he says “We’ll see.” I’m NOT making this up. Sen. Corker needs Obama to give him a plan. Dude, he has a plan and he’s executing it, while stand there sounding like an exhausted old lady saying “we’ll see.”

I think he should stick to cringe-inducing photos with hashtags.

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