As Predicted: Dems Finally Announce Decision Made on Monday to Move the One’s Speech to Smaller Venue

It’s not 2008, so we won’t be seeing this venue decked out with the styrofoam columns for the One’s acceptance speech tomorrow night, due to “weather,” and in “we aren’t sure whether we can fill it up.”

I always say never doubt me. As I predicted here on Monday, the Dems, fearing bad “optics,” as in lots of empty seats in the arena for the Dear Reader’s acceptance speech, have decided to move the speech indoors. Of course they have! They decided that on Monday, probably after they discovered that there are only so many retired teachers, welfare recipients and illegal aliens within a 500-mile radius of Charlotte willing to be bussed in to serve as wallpaper. Even they have something better to do than listen to this bloviating insufferable gasbag scream about how much he “cares” about the “middle class!”


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