As Terrorism Erupts Across America, Where in the World is Our President?

Our first affirmative-action assisted, Marxist Dear Reader aka the “president” was actually in New York City last night, within blocks of where the Chelsea terror attack occurred.


He took the opportunity to comfort victims, meet with local officials to discuss plans for increased security and otherwise do presidential stuff.

JUST KIDDING! He was there for a fund raiser!

From Fox News:

President Barack Obama on Sunday praised Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her intellect, fortitude and “unerring” judgment and blasted “the other guy,” Republican Donald Trump, on his New York home turf as unqualified to be president and uninterested in learning enough to make the hard decisions the job requires.

Obama addressed a dinner crowd of about 65 people at a fundraiser at the Gramercy Park home of restaurateur Danny Meyer and his wife, Audrey. Attendees contributed $25,000. Event co-chairs gave $100,000, while chairs raised or contributed $250,000, officials said. Proceeds will benefit the Democratic National Committee, state parties and the Clinton campaign.

“This is somebody who is smart, who is tough and, most importantly, cares deeply about making sure that this country works for everybody and not just a few,” Obama said of Clinton. “And she’s displayed it again and again and again. And when I said that I think she is somebody who is as qualified as any individual who has ever run for this office, I meant it.”

Obama said Clinton has been disciplined and extraordinarily effective in every job she’s held.

“And then there’s the other guy,” he said, drawing laughter. “You all know him because he’s from New York. Some of you may have done business with him. If you have, it doesn’t sound like it’s been a pleasant experience.”

Yes, Dear Reader, we’ve all seen Hillary’s unerring judgement on display, in the way she turned Libya into a jihadist playground, placed classified information on a secret insecure outlaw server, obstructed justice, and lied about all of it. She has indeed “displayed it again and again.” Fantastic!

He had another fundraiser this morning. We still haven’t heard from him about these terror attacks, although he has been delivering diatribes against Donald Trump, actually making jokes about ISIS while talking about his birth certificate, and screeching at black voters that they had better not personally insult him by not voting for Hillary. If you didn’t hear him screeching Saturday night, we played the audio during yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, here at about 55:49.) Thought experiment: what do you suppose would happen if a Republican appeared at a gathering and hectored white people to vote? Perhaps we can gain some insight about that question by reflecting on the mockery from the Clinton campaign, and by that I mean the Lame Stream Media, of Donald Trump’s saying to black voters “what do you have to lose?” He was referring to the violent, crime-ridden inner cities with no economic opportunity that have been run by Democrats for 50, 60 to 100 years. The LSM are outraged because, they claim, he makes these comments at his rallies, where the audiences are mostly white. So, B.Hussein can command black voters to vote for Hillary, but Donald Trump isn’t even allowed to appeal to their common sense and judgement. Somebody help me out.

Speaking of Hillary, when she is conducting her campaign, by which I mean when she is bashing Donald Trump because that’s all she can talk about–if you had her record, you wouldn’t want to talk about it either–she is fond of quoting Maya Angelou: “When people show you who they are, believe them.” I agree. From the beginning of his political career, which began in the home of his domestic terrorist friends, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, B. Hussein Obama has never hidden who is. Is this a good time to remind anyone out there who may have made the terrible mistake of being taken in by this con artist in 2008 or 2012 that elections have consequences?


  1. Ridiculous, wasn’t it? Every time I see those two pinhead establishment Republican consultants Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace, who despised Sarah Palin and sabotaged her, I want to vomit!

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