Asked for Comment, Todd Akin Replied “I Don’t See Why He Resigned.”

Former interim dean of the Saint Louis University law school, Tom Keefe, has resigned. From The Daily Caller:

“In the beginning I gave an interview and I stuck my foot in my mouth, and I’ve been sticking my foot in my mouth ever since,” Keefe said Monday, according to the Post-Dispatch. “I’m 60 years old and I’m going to say what I’m going to say.”

What he said in that first interview was that he wouldn’t be “Father Bondi’ butt boy,”as  in the Lawrence Bondi, S.J., the university’s president. That was only the beginning. He went on to say “Life is a bitch. If it was easy, we would call it a slut, ” and “I’ve been drunker than ten big Indians.” The article also reports the following colorful details about Mr. Keefe:

In still another incident, Keefe reportedly asked a female law student if she was “wearing any panties” at a school meeting. He also inquired whether another female would be “getting stuffed” at the barrister’s ball (more or less the law school prom).”

Gee, maybe an ambulance chaser without any previous academic experience wasn’t the best choice for an interim dean …

I will say one thing. I wish this guy had been dean when I was in law school. It would have been like one of the 80’s movies starring one of those actors named Cory. I don’t know which one. They were all named Cory in those movies.


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