Assclown Update: It’s Official. Barack Obama’s Black Skin Privilege Makes Him Above Criticism

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The more observant among you may have noticed a disturbing trend in the Age of Obama; specifically, this administration behaves in ways that would make a typical banana republic dictator blush, deciding to enforce certain laws or not others, unilaterally suspending, postponing or granting waivers against enforcement of duly-enacted legislation, including his signature legacy item, Obamacare, or parts of it, and using every trick in the book to do an end run around the Constitution. Last May, when the White House mouthpiece of the week, Dan Pfeiffer appeared on a Sunday show, he said it all. “The law is irrelevant.” All of this blatant unrepentant lawlessness is unprecedented, dare I say, “historic.” Those of you desperately asking why no one is standing up to this gangsta government need look no further than the furor surrounding the ridiculous episode involving a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair who dared to mock His Highness, Barack Hussein Obama.

The overused phrase “over the top” does not begin to describe hysteria inspired by the routine mocking of the President of the United States by a clown. Repeating–this guy’s official job title is “clown,” and yet his donning of an Obama mask has resulted in mandatory sensitivity training for rodeo clowns in Missouri, the resignation of president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association and the announcer at the event, and a life long ban for the clown who put on the mask. Seriously?  “Sensitivity training for clowns.” Let that sink in.

The Missouri NAACP is demanding that another race baiter, Attorney General Eric Holder’s (In)Justice Department and the Secret Service launch an investigation. This is the same bunch that had no problem no problem with a black man being beaten up at a Tea Party rally by union thugs because their victim was an “Uncle Tom.”

I know that all of you are exasperated, ready to scream “Since when did it become a firing offense to criticize or mock the President of the United States? Where were these people when writers were penning screenplays about the assassination of President George W. Bush? Where was the outrage when HBO’s “Game of Thrones” featured the head of President George W. Bush on a pike?” Both President Bush and President LIncoln were compared to apes, monkeys and chimps, and there is no record of anyone being required to attend sensitivity training as a result. In fact, as the Washington Times story notes, in 1994, another rodeo clown did a very similar act featuring President George H.W. Bush. The answer to the since when question is “Since we decided to buy into the Left’s Critical Race Theory, which says racist Amerika is forever unredeemable.”

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, on August 28, it’s worth noting several very disturbing facts highlighted by this ludicrous non-event; first, that for all the lip service that race hustlers like Al Sharpton pay to Dr. King’s noble call to judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the reality is that a color-blind society is the last thing that they want. In fact, it’s their worst nightmare. Imagine how the CEO of McDonald’s would react to a nationwide, Nanny Bloomberg style ban on not only large soft drinks, but also Supersize Meals, and you can get a rough idea how the Al Shaprtons, Jesse Jackson’s and down-the-food chain charlatans would react if their stock in trade, America’s pervasive and unredeemed racism, were considered so last century, which of course it is. For them, and sadly for the millions who drink their Kool-Aid, it is, and always, will be 1963. At at time when we have a President who identifies himself as “black,” a black Attorney General, and the end of legalized segregation, of course, it’s so ridiculous that it’s laughable. Yet, many continue to play along, with the enthusiastic encouragement of that same President and Attorney General.

Second, Former democrat Vice Presidential candidate, the late Geraldine Ferraro was right in 2008 when she said “If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position.” It’s undeniable. But for his race, this narcissistic, thin-skinned empty suit with a history of admitted drug use, and extremely radical leftist views would still be on a Chicago street corner with a clipboard and bullhorn trying to stir up resentment and a sense of entitlement among poor, black people.

Third, and most troubling, we have reached a very dangerous point in this country, where it is no longer acceptable to criticize the President of the United States. I wonder if, back in the early 1990‘s at Harvard, when he was defending the clown who came up with the theoretical underpinning for the current “blacks can’t be racist, but whites always are” meme, Derrick Bell, Barack Obama knew that one day he would be its ultimate beneficiary.

Barack Obama is indeed historic, but not in a good way. Face it, Kids. We may as well have Al Sharpton in the White House.



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