Attention Chicago Criminals: 100-200 of City’s Finest Off the Streets Saturday

The Lame Stream Media, in between effusive gushing about the One’s latest “bold move,” as in blowing his nose on the rule of law by giving amnesty to illegals, is reporting that the Obamas will jet to Chicago today to attend a “private wedding.” Oh, come, come, my tight-lipped friends. It’s not just any wedding. It’s Chicago’s wedding of the year, which we reported on here earlier this week, the wedding of Laura Jarrett, daughter of Obama consigliere/former slumlord Valerie Jarrett. Of course, when a princess of Chicago’s Afro-royalty marries, there must be not only courtiers and various sycophants. There must also be security.

From CBS/Chicago:

A published report says between 100 and 200 Chicago Police officers will be off the streets Saturday to provide security for the wedding of top White House adviser Valerie Jarrett. …

The report comes in the wake of a spike in violence in Chicago – including a rash of shootings last weekend that killed nine people and wounded 53, and three headline-grabbing mob attacks on innocent people downtown and in River North and Streeterville.

Clearly whoever wrote this piece for CBS/Chicago doesn’t understand priorities and the function of law enforcement, at least in the City of Chicago.

Here’s the best part of the story:

(Chicago Sun Times’ reporter Michael) Sneed reports the officers will be pulled from all the city’s police districts, and that the federal government will not be reimbursing the city for the cost.

Remember, reparations have to start somewhere, and just as Barack and Michelle have decided it may as well be with them, so it applies to their golden circle. Citizens of Chicago, please remember this very efficient and important use of your tax dollars the next time Rahm and his posse come knocking for more of your money.

Rank has its privileges, and I can’t think of any bunch more rank.



  1. OMG- this is such a scandal. The Mormon should run with it. And Teri should really consider a new theme. I mean, it’s kinda what got you tossed out at WLS, right? Although, I think you should take off the wig!

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