Attention Dog Owners: Chinese Treats Are Killing Dogs!

From Fox News:

Federal health officials are warning pet owners to be cautious about feeding their dogs jerky treats as they continue to investigate a treat-related illnesses that has left nearly 600 dogs dead and sickened more than 3,000 others.

The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday issued an alert to consumers about the illnesses and deaths tied to jerky treats from China. Officials say the exact cause of the illnesses remains unknown.

You are probably wondering which brands. The FDA isn’t identifying any particular brand. From CNN:

The FDA says there isn’t a particular brand for which consumers should watch.

“The illnesses have been linked to many brands of jerky treats,” the FDA says. “The one common factor the cases share is consumption of a chicken or duck jerky treat or jerky-wrapped treat, mostly imported from China.”


  1. Thanks for the warning! Checking food (dog, people, etc.) labels for “made in” is a new phenomenon to add to our list of things to be concerned about today. Brings a whole new flavor to the “Import” aisles in our stores!
    FYI, Smithfield meat co. was bought by the Chinese, so I’d avoid it. I prefer my bacon unleaded.
    Thanks Teri!

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