Attention Snowflakes: Lisa DePasquale on How to Be a Successful Social Justice Warrior, Show Notes, Dangerous Thinkers 016

Dangerous Thinkers

Do you want to save the world? Then be a Social Justice Warrior! It’s easy, and the great news is that this kind of “slactivism” (a word I LOVE, coined by Lisa DePasquale,) requires very little effort! All you have to do is embrace the “perpetual outrage culture,” although you may also have to buy a $700 “This is what feminism looks like” T-Shirt, or some similarly priced ripped jeans.

Lisa is an author (please scroll down to see links to her latest books and her Amazon author page). She is also writes for Townhall, Breitbart and, most recently for Milo Yiannopoulos’ website. She is the founder and Monday editor of BRIGHT, a female-centric daily email on politics and culture. Sign up for these cool daily updates at

Her books are that rare combination of humor, common sense, snark and actual analysis, which is irresistible to smart people like us. Now if we could only get some of the Social Justice Warriors to stop posing long enough to read them!

Key Points

  • How to create your “safe space,” even if you don’t have your own place
  • How to forage for outrage or “stay woke”
  • The irony of SJWs use of the term “woke,” given its origins
  • How SJW’s can preserve their “work”/life balance
  • How did we get to this bizarre place in our society
  • What is “adulting,” and why it is so infuriating
  • What everyone seems to be missing about the current sexual harassment hysteria
  • How feminists have destroyed at least one or two generations of women


Lisa’s Author Page on Amazon

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