AUDIO: Barack’s Tap Dancing Non-Answers to Denver Local Reporter, the Third Hour, 10/28/12

So many soundbites, so little time! It never fails. Every week, we have more content than we have time to share during the two hours of the live show, so we share it here during this weekly “third hour.”

On the 10/28/12 edition of the show, we heard portions of Barack Obama’s answers to questions that Denver reporter Kyle Clark asked Barack Obama last Friday. As noted in the Show Notes, the reason we heard only portions and not the whole answers is because once the Dear Reader realized he was being asked actual questions, he went into his standard “evade by filibuster” mode.


The answer to the question is almost three minutes long! If you’ve got the time and the patience, here it is:


Here, Mr. Clark asks Barry about his foul-mouthed reference to Mitt Romney during an interview with Rolling Stone, and how he reconciles this sort of language with concerns about the “tone” of political campaigns.


I guess we can be grateful that he didn’t start calling Kyle Clark a bunch of names that had to be beeped out.


On an excrutiatingly boring thirty minute interview on MTV, former “Constitutional law professor” (yeah right) Barack Obama enlightens the audience about “the Defense Against Marriage Act.”


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