AUDIO: Obama’s Chicago Mouthpieces Spin, Plus Fort Hood Hero: The Third Hour, 10/21/12

So many soundbites, so little time! It never fails. Every week, we have more content than we have time to share during the two hours of the live show, so we share it here during this weekly “third hour.”

Dick “Eddie Haskell” Durbin Tap Dances on Libya

After repeating the Regime’s official story that Barack Obama had stated that the Benghazi murders were an act of terrorism the very next day in that awkward Rose Garden appearance, the pudgy huckster (h/t to the late Steve Neal, Chicago Sun-Times for that appropriate nickname) tries to explain why he cited this David Ignatius column, which supports Susan Rice’s story about a “spontaneous” demonstration. Which is it, Senator? If Susan Rice was correct, why did the One go to the Rose Garden and call it a terrorist act? You can’t have it both ways, Dick, and you sound particularly stupid trying to do so.

C.Wallace-D.Durbin-WhyDidHeCallitTerrorism (I love the part where Durbin says he wants to channel Candy Crowley)

Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel tries to explain why we should vote for more of the same crap we’ve been living with since January 2009.

The question from George Stephanopolous: “Can you lay out exactly what Obama would do in a 2nd term?” R.Emanuel-G.Stephanopous-Plansfor2ndTerm

On yesterday’s show, we heard one soundbite featuring Sargent Alonzo Lunsford, an Army medic who was shot in November 2009’s “workplace violence” at Fort Hood. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to hear the other two that we had on the board. Here they are.

FoxAnchor-SgtALunsford-WhatToSayToHassan (Sgt. Lunsford describes why six shots couldn’t put him down, and how if Maj. Hassan wants to perform his holy war, he should meet him hand to hand straight up)


The attack left this amazing hero blind in one eye, but he is unbroken, and now along with other victims of Maj. Nidal Hassan’s terrorist attack, demanding that it be called what it is. As ABC News notes in its story, Fort Hood Victims Demand Attack Be Deemed ‘Terrorism’

In President Obama’s lengthy remarks at a memorial for the dead days after the attack, he never uttered the words “terror” or “terrorism.”

While initially it might appear that Fort Hood and Benghazi are distinct incidents, they are both fruits of the same poisonous tree, Obama’s anti-American world view, in which our great country is not the force for good in the world that we know it to be, but rather the imperialistic, racist evil scourge on the planet described by Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and Frank Marshall Davis.

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