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Happy National Dog Day! But Don’t Tell a Muslim. It May Offend Him.


Every day is national dog day at our house! Interestingly, on this day when we celebrate our precious, loyal four-legged friends, there’s this story, reminding us that not everyone shares our love of man’s best friend. From Breitbart: Leaflets have reportedly been distributed in Manchester calling for a public ban on dogs, in order to keep the area pure for ...

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Here We Go: Politico Reports Trump Campaign CEO Domestic Abuse Case

Domestic Abuse

Politico, which regularly carries water for the Obama Regime, reports on a 1996 misdemeanor domestic abuse case. This hit piece about Stephen K. Bannon, the new CEO of the Trump campaign, is right out of the David Axelrod playbook. Remember? Without Axelrod working with his old employer, the Chicago Tribune, getting a judge to unseal Republican Jack Ryan’s divorce records, B. ...

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Is the Obama Regime Sneaking in Syrian “Refugees”?


Is the Obama Regime sneaking in even more Syrian “refugees” than the thousands they’ve told us about?You mean he’s being deceitful and not transparent? How can this be? Regular readers here at and listeners to The Teri O’Brien Show know that Obama vowed to bring in 10,000 “refugees” from Syria by the end of the fiscal year, September 30, ...

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WATCH: Gavin McInnes Epic Takedown of Idiocy that Single Motherhood Rocks


Single motherhood is not cool! Thanks for pushing back against the destructive, pathological idea that it doesn’t matter if a child is raised by two married parents. Sorry, my selfish sisters. It does! Single motherhood isn’t always I choice. I get that. Please understand. I know that there are uncontrollable circumstances that result in a woman having to raise a ...

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Epipen Outcry: Surprise! Blame Obamacare


Epipen Outcry: Over the last several days, news reports have been filled with the outcry over the 400+% increase in the cost of epipens, which dispense essential life-saving medications for people with allergies, including children with food allergies. Naturally, the pretend news, in that charming and ridiculously superficial way that they have, are ranting and raving about Evil Big Pharma, ...

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Another “Lone Wolf” Shouts Allahu Akbar Murders British Woman & Her Dog

Allahu Akbar

He shouted Allahu Akbar before he stabbed her and her dog to death, and local authorities in Australia “aren’t ruling out any motive.” So, it’s not only the U.S. where gutless, clueless politicians gagged by political correctness won’t state the obvious. From The Jerusalem Post: A 29-year-old Frenchman shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Greatest) as he stabbed a British woman to ...

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Huma Made Sure Grandma Got in Her Naps


In the last edition of The Teri O’Brien Show newsletter, we told you about the story that many are buzzing about today, Huma Abedin’s work at a radical Muslim journal edited by her mother. Now we find out that Huma had other important jobs that we’re just learning about. From The Daily Caller: An email in WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton archive ...

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Here We Go: Clinton Foundation Already Backsliding on Foreign Contribution Pledge

Clinton Foundation

No doubt you heard the pretend news trumpeting the exciting news that if the unspeakable should happen, and Hillary is elected president, the Clinton Foundation will no longer accept donations from foreigners or corporations. Not so fast. From Reuters: The largest program of the Clinton Foundation, the family philanthropy of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is still weighing whether ...

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