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Sorry, Liberals: President Trump is Right About Sweden


The mockery that greeted President Trump’s comment about problems caused in Sweden by immigrants demonstrates again, as if we needed more proof, that liberalism is the same the world over. When faced with people who smack them up the side of the head with reality, its adherents always rely on mockery, feigned outrage, and name calling, in that order. That’s ...

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George S, Pick Up Your Jock: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-12-2017


Pres. Trump’s Sr. Policy Advisor Stephen Miller makes mincemeat of “journalist”/dem operative George Stephanopoulos.  Hear the audio in this week’s show. Plus, Obama did not go away quietly. He is in his rented mansion, scheming to thwart the will of the American people and punish them for rejecting him. Listen to this episode here using the player on the right ...

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77% of refugees allowed into U.S. since travel reprieve hail from seven suspect countries


The State Department and refugee resettlement contractors who get paid by the head (and by you) to “seed” middle America with people from jihadist hotbeds  have been working overtime! From The Washington Times: The State Department has more than doubled the rate of refugees from Iraq, Syria and other suspect countries in the week since a federal judge’s reprieve, in ...

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Who Are the IT Workers Abruptly Fired by the House? Had Massive Debts, Years of “Suspicious Activity”


Last Friday, the House abruptly terminated four employees with very shady connections, and they were working with the Intel and Foreign Affairs committees. From The Daily Caller: Four people who worked for the House of Representatives have a history of massive debts and bankruptcy, a fondness for fast cars and real estate, and unusually complicated webs of intertwined finances. The three brothers ...

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Senate Majority to Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Enough Attacking Sen. Jeff Sessions

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Squaw speak with forked tongue, and the Republicans finally had enough. From The Washington Times: Fed up with what they said were out-of-bounds Democratic attacks on President Trump’s attorney general nominee, Republicans struck back Tuesday night, voting to silence Sen. Elizabeth Warren for inappropriate behavior on the floor of the Senate. The 49-43 vote, which broke along party lines, ...

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WATCH: California State Senate Pres.:Half My Family in U.S. Illegally, Has Fake Social Security Number


Also phony green cards. And, this clown, Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles),  thinks its perfectly fine that his family members are committing several federal crimes, including identity theft. Why do you think we call California “Crazyfornia?” You can see the whole hearing here. This hearing before the California Senate Public Safety Committee on  SB54, a bill introduced ...

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