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VIDEO: Happy Constitution Day, Obama Style!


Or as they say at the White House, Happy Document of Negative Liberties Written by Evil European White Men Day! How are they celebrating? Perhaps they can listen to the former “Constitutional Law Professor” (yeah right) hold forth on the many deficiencies of this document that Obama and his merry band of Marxists have been working overtime to ultimately destroy. ...

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Connecting The Obvious, and Apparently Unmentionable , Dots: Rare Virus Shows Up at Same Time as Iilegal Invasiom


From The WaPo: The rare and severe respiratory illness sickening children around the country has expanded to new states, and health officials believe there could also be unconfirmed cases in other places. These children — and it has only affected children so far, for reasons we explain here — are suffering from enterovirus 68, an uncommon virus strain that can ...

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What’s a Bigger Threat to Our Security, the NFL or ISIS? Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-14-14


War, What is it good for? Other than eliminating Hitler, slavery and many other scourges on humanity, that is.  In this episode: Words the Regime Can’t Say: Terrorism, War, Islamofascism White House Mouthpiece, Dennis “Walking Dead” McDonough refuses to admit that Regime did on a 180 on whether or not we’re at war Obama, who HATES the political theater of ...

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BREAKING: Now Confirmed, Another ISIS Beheading

I tweeted this out an hour ago, but now it’s official. From Reuters: (Reuters) – Islamic State militants fighting in Iraq and Syriareleased a video on Saturday which purported to show the beheading of British aid worker David Haines. Reuters could not immediately verify the footage. However, the images were consistent with that of the filmed executions of two American journalists, James Foley ...

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Enough Already with the Ray Rice-a-Roni From Liberal Hypocrite Feminist Shrews

Mr.and Mrs.Rice with Daughter

Come on, Feminist Shrew. Enough already with Mr. And Mrs. Ray Rice! I’m starting to think that the Lame Stream Media obsession with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rice, and their elevator drama is a deliberate effort to avoid reporting any actual serious news; specifically, (1) the fact that Obama’s reactive, ill-conceived  foreign policy, as reflected by that incomprehensible, horrible speech ...

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Mexican Government Bashes Gov. Perry, Demands “Holistic” Approach to Imigration


From The Hill: The Mexican government blasted Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) on Thursday for deploying National Guard troops to the border. The government said it “deeply rejects and condemns the deployment” and accused the possible 2016 presidential candidate of making the decision for political reasons. “Mexico underscores that it is irresponsible to manipulate border security for political reasons,” according ...

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