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Obama Regime to North Carolina: Keeping Men Out of the Ladies’ Room Violates Civil Rights Act

North Carolina

Obama’s racialist Department of (In)Justice bullying North Carolina, claiming its a violation of the Civil Rights Act to keep men out of the ladies’ room. From The Washington Examiner:  The Justice Department told North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory on Wednesday that the “bathroom bill” he signed into law violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act. “The Department of Justice has determined ...

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VIDEO: 300 Calls a Day? Plus, The Hillary Spider, Kidders 99


He got 300 calls a day. No, not from the Republican National Committee. Plus, giant female spiders are sex bullies (who knew?), and woman’s strange reaction to winning a “s**tload” of money in the lottery. Kidders 99, 5/03/16: Weekly dose of laughs from our weekly comedy hangout, featuring my comedian friends Tim Slagle and Dale Irvin. Please scroll down and enjoy! Do you have ...

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Heidi Cruz: Ted is an “Immigrant”

Ted Cruz

Heidi Cruz said her husband Sen. Ted Cruz is an “immigrant.” Campaign quickly restates and tries to retract it. We had this story in the Subscriber Show Notes that went out yesterday. Here’s the video, and below the story in which the campaign issues a “clarification.” More here: Byron York: Heidi Cruz says ‘Ted is an immigrant’ | Washington Examiner Of ...

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Hillary Still Thinks It Should Be Illegal To Criticize Her: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-1-2016


Hillary and Citizens United: It’s not about “money.” It’s about making it illegal to criticize her Links to stories we discussed are here. Listen to this episode in the sidebar on the right, or here.  Listen on the go with the spreaker app  for your smartphone or tablet (search for “Informed America Radio.) This is how the audience at the White House ...

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Want to Live Longer? Keep Working Past Age 65


I could have told you the truth of what this study proves based on my own observation of people. I’ve seen people who retire six months afterwards, and they look like they’ve aged 10 years! If you think it might be time to retire, you might want to think again. From The Daily Mail: Most people count down the days ...

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Whoa! John Boehner Unloads on Sen. Ted Cruz: “Lucifer in the Flesh”


Don’t invite John Boehner and Sen. Ted Cruz to the same dinner party! From the Washington Examiner: John Boehner ripped into Ted Cruz at an event at Stanford University Wednesday night, by referring to him as “lucifer in the flesh,” and saying he “never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.” Boehner made the remarks when asked ...

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Obama Regime: They Aren’t “Criminals.” They Are “Justice-Involved.”

Here we go again. Add “justice-involved” to the list of PC terms like the bizarre nonsensical “undocumented citizens,” “transgendered,” and “mentally challenged.” On last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, we discussed Obama’s claim during last weekend’s address that having criminals in prison is bad for the economy, and is of course, RAAACIST. On previous editions of The Teri ...

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