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IRS Knew About Tea Party Targeting Two Years Before They Told Congress

Tea Party

Documents released by Judicial Watch show that Lois Lerner and Holly Paz, another top IRS official, the IRS knew in 2011 that Tea Party groups were being illegally targeted. From Fox News: A new batch of FBI documents released Thursday by Judicial Watch indicates that several senior Internal Revenue Service (IRS) officials were aware of the targeting of conservative groups almost two ...

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No Regrets: Angela Merkel Still Thinks Admitting Unscreened Syrians a GREAT Idea


Despite the recent spate of terrorist attacks by Islamist lunatics in her country, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has no regrets about throwing her country wide open to them. The more the merrier, or the bloodier. From Politico: Angela Merkel on Thursday rejected calls to change her refugee policy despite recent terror attacks. “I stand by the political decisions we’ve made,” Merkel ...

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IRS Launches Investigation of Clinton Foundation


Embattled IRS Commissioner John Koskinen sends request from 64 House Republicans, led by Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) to its Exempt Organization Program. I meant to post this earlier, but as many of you know, I was watching and live posting the Donald Trump presser this a.m. Wasn’t that terrific? Don’t get too excited. He sent it to the same bunch that ...

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“Flexible” Obama Explains Russian Email Hacking


You can’t make this stuff up. In an NBC News Interview, Obama parrots DNC line about Russians hacking the party’s email. Watch our Dear Reader explain (~:56) that we do know that the Russians are into hacking our systems, not just government systems, but private systems:  So the theory is that Putin and the Russians want to help Donald Trump ...

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Dem VP Candidate Kaine Says Amnesty within First 100 Days


Mr. Moderate, Hillary’s running mate, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine told Telemundo on Monday, July 26 that he and Hillary are going to continue Obama’s amnesty scheme, with the help of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. From The Washington Times:  A new Clinton administration would pursue a bill to legalize illegal immigrants in “the first 100 days” of her tenure, vice ...

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Remaking America: Over 6000 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US in 2016


Remaking America file: Of the over 6000 Syrians admitted to the US so far in 2016, how many are Christian? Answer: 23 Sure, because Christians aren’t persecuted AT ALL in Syria. From CNS News:  With ten weeks to go until the end of the fiscal year, the Obama administration continues to admit Syrian refugees at an accelerated pace, and has ...

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DNC Convention: Berned Sanders Supporters Chant “Lock Her Up”


Does this mean Democrats are “plagiarizing” from the Republicans who originated this “Lock Her Up” chant last week in Cleveland? Does Chris Cuomo know that Democrats are chanting something “unoriginal?” Gee, I guess Bernie Sanders supporters don’t appreciate a fraud being perpetrated on them by what they thought was their own party. The Washington Post reported on the Russian hacking ...

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German Suicide Bomber Had Pledged Allegiance to ISIS


NOTE: This post is an update to this one. The 27-year old Syrian suicide bomber who injured at least twelve in Germany was an ISIS terrorist. We reported on this attack earlier today. At that time, the latest information said: Police said that they do not yet know whether the attacker had a radical Islamist background. The investigation currently focused ...

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You Only Hack The One You Love: Another Syrian Refugee Machete Attack


The word “hack” has gotten tossed around rather cavalierly in the last week, usually in stories relating to cyber-security. Leave it to those wacky Syrian refugees, this time one who allegedly attacked and killed a co-worker that he “loved.” s You know, they are “old school,” as in 7th century, right? From The Telegraph UK: Syrian man has attacked and killed a ...

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