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Presidential Debate Post-Mortem, Part II


What’s your take on last night’s 1st Presidential debate? Please let me know in the comments below. Apparently, Lester “Factless Fact Checker” Holt didn’t get my memo with a list of questions to ask at last night’s debate. Nothing about immigration, sanctuary cities, or Hillary’s remark that the whole world has a “right” to immigrate to the United States? Nothing ...

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Presidential Debate Post-Mortem: No Knock Out Punch, No Minds Changed


Thanks to all of you who participated in the live chat during the Presidential debate tonight. That was fun! My initial thoughts after watching: Lester Holt, Clearly Mindful of What Happened to Matt Lauer, Went Full Candy Crowley, and Spewed Ignorant Inaccuracies He “fact checked” Donald Trump at least five times by my count, and “fact checked” Hillary not a ...

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Not Just Chicago: Dead People Voting in Colorado


How can this be? I have seen dozens of people of the 24/7 televised nuthouse MS-NBC explaining that there is no vote fraud, and that voter ID is just a way for evil Republicans to stop minorities from voting. Are dead people a minority group? I don’t think so! From The Washington Examiner: Local officials in Colorado acknowledged “very serious” ...

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Hillary’s Criminal Posse Gets Immunity:Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 9-25-2016


 Why in the world would the government give immunity to Cheryl Mills, the architect of Hillary’s email coverup, especially since James Comey knows her history going back to the 90’s? Listen to this episode here using the player on the right, or here on Links to stories we discussed on the show are below.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Looming Tower: Al-Qaeda and the ...

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“Beacon of Hope” Wife of Convicted Palestinian Terrorist to Speak at Clinton Foundation Tonight


How perfect is this story? Palestinian terrorist who went to prison for bombing that killed Israelis is married to woman who is celebrated by Clinton Foundation and its donors. From The Wall Street Journal: A Palestinian teacher scheduled to speak at a Clinton Global Initiative dinner on Tuesday is attracting criticism from the Republican Party because the woman’s husband is ...

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