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Study: Obama National Labor Relations Board a “Rogue Agency”


Shocker (no, not really!): Obama’s National Labor Relations Board “overturned established precedent in a largely partisan manner.” Just like Obama’s IRS and Department of (In)Justice, which also disregarded the law and long-standing practice as part of his “remaking” America. From The Washington Free Beacon: President Barack Obama’s top labor arbiters have overturned a cumulative 4,500 years of legal precedent over the ...

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WTF: White House Says World War II Vets Need to Get Over Pearl Harbor

Seventy-five years ago today, Japan launched a treacherous surprise attack on the United States that killed over 2400 Americans at Pearl Harbor. So what really happened? And why is Obama’s spokes imbecile dissing World War II vets? From the brilliant historian Victor Davis Hanson: Imperial Japan was not, as often claimed, forced into a corner by a U.S. oil embargo, ...

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Report Buried Trump-Related Hate Crimes Against White Kids


No doubt you heard about the many “hate crimes” against immigrants, Muslims, and other democrat mascot groups perpetrated by the “deplorable” and irredeemable” supporters of Donald Trump. One thing those reports didn’t mention was that the evidence strongly suggests that nearly all of those horrible incidents were hoaxes. Now we learn that two left-wing organizations, One thing those reports didn’t ...

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Murder Capital Chicago to Pay for Lawyers for Illegals: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 12-4-2016


Chicago Mayor Rahm “Tiny Dancer” Emanuel defiantly vows to help illegals, pledging $1 million taken from a property tax relief fund to do it.  Plus, The government runs out of money on December 9. We need to make sure that the next CR (Continuing Resolution) doesn’t give Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services the wads of cash they are ...

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WATCH: Trump and Clinton Campaign Operatives Shouting Match at Harvard


Shouting Match: Designed to be part of the historical record, but actually part of the hysterical record, as unhinged liberals refuse to accept election result. Here is a report on the televised 24/7 insane asylum about an event held at Harvard, designed to be part of the historical record, that turned out to be more of the hysterical record, as ...

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