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What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Lawyer in Charge of Producing Lois Lerner’s IRS E-Mails Now in Charge of Producing Hillary’s

Uh, Hillary, we've got some questions about your Foundation.

Meet Catherine Duval, once in charge of producing IRS’ emails. Instead she destroyed evidence after there was an order not to do so. Now she’s in charge of producing Hillary’s emails. From Politico: A year ago, Catherine Duval was embroiled in the scandal over former IRS official Lois Lerner’s lost emails. Now the top government attorney is heading up another ...

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Here They Come: Feds predicted surge of illegals, see another 127,000 this year

Illegals crossing border

Remember last summer’s surge of illegals, many of them children from Central America? Here we go again. From The Washington Examiner: Despite claims the administration was caught off guard, the White House and four Cabinet departments predicted last year’s surge of at least 60,000 illegal juveniles over the U.S.-Mexico border and expect it to more than double to 127,000 this ...

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Obama’s Secret Plan to Destroy the Suburbs. Show Notes: The Teri O’Brien Show, 6-28-15


Have you heard about Obama’s Secret Scheme to Destroy the Suburbs? No? Perhaps that’s because it’s being deliberately hidden from you.  Listen to National Review’s Stanley Kurtz expose this heinous racket! Thanks so much for listening to the show! I thank you from the bottom of my well-conditioned heart! Thanks to and for some of the music that we use on the program. Also, ...

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Bad Medicine: When Restraint is Actually Judicial Activism


In attempting to avoid judicial activism, Justice John Roberts becomes the ultimate activist I have a few initial thoughts about yesterday’s extremely wrong-headed and disappointing decision in the case King v. Burwell. You can expect more after I have had a chance to thoroughly read the opinion. 1. During his confirmation hearing, Justice John Roberts spoke eloquently about the role ...

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8 Real Events That, Unlike the Confederate Flag, Could Actually Affect Your Life and Safety

Dylann Roof wearing a Gold's Gym tank. Does this fact mean I have to burn my shirts from Gold's?

We’ve often shared our collective frustration over the state of our country, and I am grateful to have this smart, well-informed community as a refuge from the unrelenting deluge of  ignorance, demagoguery, propaganda and outright stupidity that gushes from so-called “news” outlets. Today, knowing what is really going on is like being the only grownup in a room full of ...

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Obama Explains Why America Sucks: Racism is in Your DNA

President Barack Obama participates in a podcast with Marc Maron in Los Angeles, Calif., June 19, 2015.
(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Obama Explains Why America Sucks: Racism is in Your DNA On last Sunday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, I played a clip from This Week with George Stephanapolous featuring writer Jelani Cobb, in which he posited that even if Dylann Roof acted alone when he committed mass murder in Charleston, South Carolina last week, he really didn’t act alone. ...

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Rising Oceans? How Can That Be After 6 Years of Obama?

Wait, what about healing the planet and stopping the rise of the oceans?

Didn’t Barack Obama promise to stop the rise of the oceans and heal the planet? From CNS News: Speaking at an event held in a private home in San Francisco on Friday evening, President Barack Obama warned: “Well within our children’s lifetimes, on our current pace, the oceans go up maybe two, maybe three, maybe four feet.” In the speech, ...

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