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Maine Congressman: No Welfare for Convicted Terrorists


Wait…you mean that’s not already the law? Terrorists can get welfare? Yes, currently, welfare benefits are available to convicted terrorists after they get out of prison. And, of course, as we always discuss on the Teri O’Brien Show, refugees are automatically eligible for welfare, food stamps and other public assistance. Asylum seekers are not immediately eligible for federal benefits. They ...

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Iranians Award Medals For “Capture” of US Sailors?Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medal from the Iranians?


Gee, when is John Kerry getting his medals from the Iranians? Medals awarded for the heroes of the Iranian Regime! Remember when the Iranian Revolutionary Guard humiliated members of the U.S. Navy, posing them like they were in some ISIS execution video? Iran’s supreme leader does, and he thinks it was FABULOUS! From Fox News: Iran’s supreme leader has awarded ...

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Obama to Visit Mosque with Muslim Brotherhood, Terror Ties: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 1-31-16


For 1st US Mosque Visit, Obama Chooses One with Muslim Brotherhood, Terror Ties Links to stories we discussed on the show are below. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to and for some of the music that we use on the program. Also thanks to Steve Vaus for “Come and Take it.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In this episode, you’ll learn: Trump, Cruz, Rubio: Can you trust any of them? The Trouble ...

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How The Iowa Caucuses Work in Legos

Iowa Caucuses

Iowa Caucuses: For weeks you have been hearing ENDLESSLY about them , but how exactly do they work? Glad you asked. This video about the Iowa caucuses comes courtesy of Vermont Public Radio. Please note that what they are describing, probably not surprising, given that it is a public TV station from Vermont, is how the democrats caucus. The Republicans ...

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Hillary Email Scandal Grows, Blumenthal Messages Completely Classified

Clinton Emails

The Daily Caller reports on the latest Clinton email document dump, which contains more problems for the former “inevitable” democrat presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. First, the news that the State Department is not letting us see 18 emails between Hillary and her boss, the One, B. Hussein Obama. The State Department is withholding 18 emails between former Sec. of State ...

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VIDEO: “Undocumented” College Students Taunt Customs and Border Protection Recruiters


Undocumented students could find this a “triggering” event! Where is the safe space for law breakers, People! Don’t you love the “hey hey ho ho” chant? Classic! “Undocumented” students protest Customs and Border Protection recruiters on their campus. They aren’t eligible for these jobs, but apparently they don’t want their fellow students to have the opportunity to get them. Why? ...

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Luis Gutierrez and SEIU Team Up to Turn Immigrants Into Voters

Gutierrez, friend of SEIU

Note to SEIU and Luis: Seems like a lot of work when they can just vote illegally as many do now. Former cab driver turned illegal alien cheerleader Rep. Luis Gutierrez is excited about the seminars he, the SEIU and several ethnic front groups are planning to beef up the democrats’ voter rolls in advance of the 2016 election. From ...

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Jeh Johnson’s DHS Loses Hundreds of Credentials, Phones and Guns

Jeh Johnson

Heckava Job, Sec. Jeh Johnson! What could possibly go wrong? Have you ever noticed that when Sec. Jeh Johnson or one of his underlings testify before Congress oversight committees, they never seem to know anything? More here, including video. So, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s not only information about visa overstays, how many Americans have traveled to Syria, ...

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