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In Iraq, in Libya, in Syria, and all Over, Obama Leading from Behind, or From His Behind: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-10-14


ISIS on the March, Obama on the Links Obama enjoys golf on Martha’s Vineyard | Video | (and in the foursome, Valerie Jarrett’s squeeze Ahman Rashad,  the former Bobby Moore, who changed his name when he converted to Islam–see next story) NBC’s Ahmad Rashad ‘dating senior adviser to Barack Obama Valerie Jarrett’ | Mail Online White House Wants Repeal of ...

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World Up in Flames, Obama Phones It In: The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-10-14


Please join us for today’s edition of the Informed America Radio’s flagship show, The Teri O’Brien Show,” which. you can hear live at, live from 5-7 pm Eastern. You can also listen there on demand anytime, and also on iTunes,, or Check out Spreaker app for Android or iPhone, or the Stitcher app for Android and iPhone. ...

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Undeterred: Two Illegals Who Murdered Off Duty Border Agent in Front of His Family Had Been Arrested Many Times


You’ve no doubt heard about the disgusting murder of Javier Vega, Jr, an off-duty Border agent and former Marine. He was killed on Monday by two sleazeball illegals who were trying to rob him. The takeaway: the federal government, which sued the state of Arizona for infringing on its perogative to enforce the immmigration laws (yeah right), make no pretense ...

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What Watergate Was REALLY About-Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 8-3-14

These guys, along with Walter Cronkite, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and millions of others wanted the North Vietnamese to win the war.

What Watergate was really about Why the Left despised Richard Nixon The Blood on John Kerry’s Hands, and the Late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (and it’s not just Mary Jo Kopechne’s)  Rep. Keith Ellison Echoes Useful Idiots of the 1970′s Joe Biden’s Personal War on Women (Paging Dr. Jill Biden: Prepare your rolling pin!) White House apparatchik/mouthpiece Dan “Lumpy Rutherford” Pfeiffer, ...

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Here They Go Again: Critics of Obama’s Gangsta Government are Racists

Liberal Logic on "Racism"

I mentioned this discussion on yesterday’s edition of The Teri O’Brien Show, but I didn’t have time to play the audio. Here, Juan Williams, claims that critics who state the obvious, that is, that Barack Obama is a lawless, out-of-control, imperial chief executive, are doing so out of racial animus. (H/T No More Cocktails) How dare they call him “lawless,” ...

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