The Lawless Obama Administration

The following comes from CNN’s website on April 16 2009: “Reviving a ban on assault weapons and more strictly enforcing existing gun laws could help tamp down drug violence that has run rampant on the US-Mexican border, President Obama said Thursday. Speaking alongside Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Obama said he has ‘not backed off at all’ on a campaign pledge to try to restore the ban. It was instituted under President Clinton and allowed to lapse by President George W. Bush.

From the moment the prohibition on the sale of assault weapons was lifted a few years ago, we have seen an increase in the power of organized crime in Mexico,’ Calderon said. He said that more than 16,000 assault weapons have been seized in the crackdown on drug traffickers, with almost 9 in 10 coming from the United States.”
Fox News exposed the lie in that easily shown to be false prevarication, and so the Obama Administration set out to make it the lie a reality. Hence the genesis of “Fast and Furious.”

Which forces us to address the lawless Obama administration

A lawless administration is a depressing institution because it is an institution completely without respect for the purpose of law in a constitutional republic. Even as we are SATURATED with ordinances, commands compulsions and regulations, the administration conducts itself in a matter that reeks of contempt for the meaning of law. .
Law exists apart from what a group of people at any given time want you to do. That is why the aged nature of the United States Constitution is a strength. The farther away we travel from 1789, the less that the foibles and frailties of the Framers affect us. The transitory human things fall away leaving only the essence of law.
If our Bill of Rights were drafted today it would look very different than it did back then. Not only would there be no Second Amendment, but most of the others would read dramatically different. There would be few severe restrictions on government power. Nor would there be unlimited Freedom of Speech. The entire thing would run a few thousand pages and would be filled with all sorts of lawerly escape clauses, which when added together would render the whole thing meaningless.

This administration personifies the essence of lawlessness, which is to say that there is a whole buncha statutes they invoke, but all that is merely mechanics for those in power to enforce their will on others. If you want to force people to do something, all you need to do is lay out your reasoning create a spurious justification and voila, you can impose your will on the nation and extort unconstitutional gun legislation from the cowed and intimidated capons in Congress.

It’s law in the same sense that a mugger putting a gun to your head is law. He has a gun and he makes the laws. The laws don’t apply to him. They don’t apply in any larger universal fashion. The mugger can choose to suspend any laws at his whim, because he has a gun.

The United States has drifted into lawlessness, into laws that are the guns of government. Want to force everyone to buy health insurance? Pass a law. Ignore any questions of constitutionality because legality doesn’t matter. If people come out to protest, send out your SEIU thugs to beat them. If you lose your Senate majority, use Reconciliation to pass it. If the Supreme Court threatens to investigate the constitutionality of the law, threaten the Court.

The only thing separating tactics like these from the mugger on the corner is public interest. Which is to say that the government is playing Robin Hood. It isn’t mugging you because it likes the smell of money, but because it wants to help those less fortunate. Robin Hood was rebelling against the illegal authority of the Sheriff of Nottingham. And our government is rebelling against the legitimate authority of .the written Constitution..
The government becomes the outlaw, doing what it likes because it must resist all the “powerful special interests”, in this case the pro gun lobby like the NRA.. The Revolution becomes permanent, with the Reds in power constantly rebelling against the bitter clingers desperately clutching their guns and Bibles to their panic stricken bigoted heaving breasts.

This farce can take place under the guise of law, but it represents the whims of a lawless administration. The constitution was created to establish and enumerate the limits of the police power, i.e. “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”. It limits the power of individuals, institutions and governments. But for a lawless administration no limitation on power applies if the power is being applied for the sake of the higher ideals which the administration is claiming to represent. If those higher ideals involve helping the poor, so has to protect them from “assault weapons” while refusing to acknowledge the general communal breakdown that resulted from liberal welfare state policies that contributed to the rise of the criminal gangs that employ the “assault weapons”, then every institution can act like Robin Hood.

In a lawless administration, law is a function of the emotions they can generate, or the mob they can demagogue. The one who screams the loudest gets his way if he can influence enough people to believe that he has a case. Laws get made from a sense of “rightness” that is entirely a function of emotion

Rights become entirely positive and empathy based. Negative rights become associated with selfishness. Everyone has the right to a thousand benefits, but no one has the right to opt out. Everyone is free to speak their mind, so long as it is an expression of need, rather than a demand to be left alone.

Empathy makes for very bad law, because it isn’t law at all. It’s a subjective response to the suffering of others. And often those who excel at marketing their suffering aren’t suffering at all, while those who are genuinely suffering remain silent. Empathy-based law commodifies pain, but it’s empty of justice.

A lawless administration is one where those who manipulate empathy gain power. Where temporary outrage substitutes for policy. The Obama administration was trying to gin up outrage against lawful gun sales that originated from legal gun dealers.. There is no real respect for law and so Fast and Furious is political, because law is made on an ad hoc basis. Just project enough grief and victimization and there ya go.Obama the actor is every bit as ersatz as his Styrofoam Greek columns. Every press conference is a performance as he oh so sincerely tells you why he must violate the constitution.
The idea that there should be one law for all, rather than one law for the sufferers and another for those who aren’t suffering, is alien to a society where empathy trumps law. Rather than doing the right thing, Obama does the Robin Hood thing, leaping from the tree, looting the society, and writing songs about his own dashing kill Bin Laden valor.
The government-media complex acts out the empathy narrative. Its reporting has nothing to do with the facts, but everything to do with emotion. A law is bad when it protects the privilege of the opposition, but good when it protects their privilege. The powers of the Senate, the Executive and the Supreme Court are good when they serve their ends, but bad when they serve the ends of their enemy. The blame always goes to the side blocking their agenda.

For a lawless administration, laws and the constitution only matter so long as it serves the purpose of those in power. When it doesn’t, then it’s ignored or tossed aside.

Last week we witnessed Obama playing Robin Hood by casting aside immigration law and transparency to the huzzahs of the media, whose fondest wish is for politicians to play Robin Hood, cut all the Gordian Knots and just carry out their agenda without regard for the law, even the law that Obama cited as previously restraining him. That is what they wanted, that is what they got. But a lawless administration cuts both ways and takes the system out of the protection of the law.

Law should be impartial. It states absolute principles that apply regardless of faction and position. But for a lawless administration, there is no law, only power. The cultural Marxist left exemplified by the Obamunists has ushered in a lawless administration even as they inundate us with statute..

Differences between Bush’s “Wide Receiver” and Obama’s “Fast & Furious” explained for cognitively dissonant liberals and Obamunists:

Wide Receiver – The number of guns used in the operation from the beginning until the end of the operation was 300
Fast & Furious – The number of guns used in the operation from the beginning until the end of the operation was 2,000

Wide Receiver – Guns were traced with miniature tracking devices and constant surveillance from ground and air.
Fast & Furious – No tracking devices were used, no surveillance was made whatsoever.

Wide Receiver – ATF agents were ordered to follow the gun smugglers every step of their trip from the gun store to the US/Mexico border.
Fast & Furious – ATF agents were ordered to stand down and not follow the gun smugglers after they left the gun store. The only surveillance was made through the gun store own video cameras; after gun smugglers left the store, the ATF agents were expressly ordered not to pursue.

Wide Receiver – Mexican army and police was in the loop about Wide Receiver. They took over the surveillance of the gun smugglers after they crossed with the guns in Mexico.
Fast & Furious – Mexican authorities were kept in the dark by the ATF and the US DOJ. They had no idea about Fast & Furious and the fact that guns provided to gun smugglers by the American authorities were “walked” in Mexico into the hands of drug cartel murderers.

Wide Receiver – When a small number of guns (30-40) were lost due to malfunctioning tracking devices and / or because the gun smugglers discovered the surveillance and learned how to evade it, the operation Wide Receiver was immediately aborted and cancelled.
Fast and Furious – Operation continued even after ATF and DOJ lost track of all 2,000 guns sold to Mexican drug cartels

Wide Receiver – 1,400 arrests were made in joint operations by the Mexican authorities and DEA and ATF agents. No lost Wide Receiver guns were recovered at crime scenes in Mexico or the US.
Fast & Furious – The operation was planned to let the guns go without any surveillance. Guns were SUPPOSED to be recovered at the murder scenes. One of the 150+ murder scenes where Fast & Furious guns were recovered was that of US border patrol agent Brian Terry; another one was the murder scene of ICE agent Jaime Zapata. The DOJ and ATF didn’t muster any explanation about how they planned to make arrests of the drug cartel murderers BEFORE THEY KILLED PEOPLE with the Fast & Furious guns, and how they were supposed to make arrests in Mexico without the fore knowledge and cooperation of the Mexican authorities.

Deaths as a Result of Wide Reciever: 0 as of this date

Fast & Furious results: 300+Mexican citizens murdered; 2 US Federal agents murdered.
As I have said REPEATEDLY next time lets try hiring a natural born citizen as POTUS.

In conclusion let me just say, Barack Hussein Obama Umm Ummmm Ummmmmm.

El Supremo Jefe Obama Enacts the Dream Act on His Own

The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives. The election-year initiative addresses a top priority of an influential Latino electorate that has been vocal in its opposition to administration deportation policies.

The policy change will affect as many as 800,000 immigrants who have lived in fear of deportation. It also bypasses Congress and partially achieves the goals of the so-called DREAM Act, a long-sought but never enacted plan to establish a path toward citizenship for young people who came to the United States illegally but who have attended college or served in the military.

Obama addressed the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials’ annual conference in Orlando, Fla.

Obama didn’t have much to work with. No court ruling, no new law, no proposed law, only a constitutionally spurious executive order! They had to use a version of Huissein’s patented mathemagicals ® to invent the rationale for securing 800,000 additional votes to Obama’s campaign. By the way, now you understand why Ricky Holder,s DOJ is adamant about not letting Florida remove those “illegal” voters from their rolls. We knew that when King Obama waved his Homeland Security magic wand that most of them would be made legal! After all why should you make the poor illegal aliens go through all the trouble of having to re-register?  ”A grant of deferred action is not immunity, it is not amnesty,” Napolitano told reporters. “It is an exercise of discretion.”

If you believe that it’s only 800 thousand then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.
We are talking 2 – 3 million, easy.
And that’s just Los Angeles County.

That 800K is a totally B.S. number. Makes for an acceptably deceptive sound bite for the babbling talking heads to spew, however, since under a million sounds like small potatoes relative to a national population of 310 million +.

Once they start processing these “children”, the number will be “unexpectedly” revised upward. We may be talking upwards of ten million or more when all is said and done. After all you now will have to include their parents, grandparents aunts and uncles since you cant be so cruel as to break up FAMILIES dontcha know

So …. he’s going to hand out hundreds of thousands of work permits when unemployment is at a 30-year low? This drives the labor rate down further and the unemployment rate further upward. Work permits make sense when you’re creating jobs, but not when jobs are scarce. I’m not sure that’s going to endear Obama to unions and blue-collar voters struggling to find work already.

In March 2011, speaking at Univision town hall in Washington, D.C., Barack Obama firmly stated that, as president, he can’t simply “suspend deportations” with only an executive order. “With respect to the notion that I can just suspend deportations through executive order, that’s just not the case, because there are laws on the books that Congress has passed,” President Obama said then.

His statement then was in response to this straight forward question, “What if at least you grant temporary protective status, TPS, to undocumented students? If the answer is yes, when? And if no, why not?”

For Immediate Release September 28, 2011
“I just have to continue to say this notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. We are doing everything we can administratively. But the fact of the matter is there are laws on the books that I have to enforce. And I think there’s been a great disservice done to the cause of getting the DREAM Act passed and getting comprehensive immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow, by myself, I can go and do these things. It’s just not true…
[W]e live in a democracy. You have to pass bills through the legislature, and then I can sign it. And if all the attention is focused away from the legislative process, then that is going to lead to a constant dead-end. We have to recognize how the system works, and then apply pressure to those places where votes can be gotten and, ultimately, we can get this thing solved. And nobody will be a stronger advocate for making that happen than me.”

Obama has reduced himself to using illegal alien children as human shields to remove attention from his economic failures.

According to Obama and even the anti-so called Birthers everyone is American until proven otherwise.
If you don’t need papers to live in the White House, why would we continue to require them to live in San Diego?

Obama has a minimal legal basis in ordering HHS and DOJ NOT to deport illegals that fit certain criteria – it can be defended under “prosecutorial discretion” and “setting priorities and allocating resources for law enforcement”.
But … that does not cover the issuance of work permits — that VIOLATES existing law, and a federal judge CAN prohibit that.

One of the articles of Nixon’s impeachment was breach of his constitutional oath of office to faithfully execute the laws of the country. Perhaps in anticipation of the SC decision in the AZ case, Obama decided to preempt its objective ahead of time. So in one stroke he violates state and federal law and thumbs his nose at SCOTUS. Trifecta! We are now a banana republic, Kenyan style.

The 14th Amendment, INTENDED by the framers to ONLY grant citizenship to emancipated slaves by overturning the Dred Scott decision, has been tortured beyond recognition by the radical left to also include so-called “anchor babies” born to women who sneak across the border to download junior HERE and bypass all the normal immigration processes described above.
By executive fiat, today Obama just took the first step to COMPLETELY open our borders (trust me, it is the first step only!) His action makes FOOLS of those who, played by the rules. It also makes fools of those waiting in those overseas lines to come here THE RIGHT WAY!!!

A nation without borders is NOT A NATION!!

Bottom line? If you are STILL unconvinced that this guy is a clear and present danger to YOUR way of life, you probably live in a refrigerator crate behind a vacant warehouse. And if that is NOT your current living condition, re-elect this guy and it shortly will be.

My dear black brothers ans sisters: Remember when the former President of Mexico said, “Mexicans will do the work even blacks won’t do.”? Well, insofar as the black unemployment rate is already much higher than the rest, how will you feel about your “messiah” obama taking even more of your jobs away by (unlawfully) “pardoning” 800,000 illegals? Yeah…he’s “got your back” alright, and shoving his marxist ideology right up it.

I despair as to deciding what should be done about the ever degenerating condition of much of the Black electorate who have embraced amoral liberalism and handouts for the supposed benefit of their tribe. It is a way of thought that is antithetical to the American principle of E Pluribus Unum. . It is Western civilization turned up-side-down.

White people too have lost quite a few of their own tribe to the same mentality. All of us suffer from it because the darkness of leftist ideology and and it’s aggressive and deadly amoral humanist philosphy. It is really a religion of darkness with liberals serving as aggressive and punitive missionaries.

The consequences are denied through rules of political correctness which makes the truth a crime and converts young people to the ideology/religion when they don’t have the information they need to the contrary.

To all unemployed citizens, especially those who have BO’s back:
Sen. Robert Menendez, D-New Jersey
“For all the young people who call this country their home but have been unable to fulfill their dreams, I am profoundly grateful to the President and the Administration for suspending the deportation of Dreamers. For these young men and women who want to become doctors, teachers, police officers and soldiers, this announcement will change their lives forever.”

I didn’t know there were so many unfilled jobs in this country that we have to allow others to live here illegally just to try to keep up with the demand… I so glad that our social services can be provided without ever having to consider the cost…. So glad that groups like La Raza promote assimiliation, of learning our language and embracing our culture… So glad that we don’t have to care about the background of those coming in, because we never have issues with crime…

But if you think that Obama is violating his oath, let me set you straight :
The Founding Fathers learned well from the fall of the Roman Republic.
Even in the heyday of the Republic, Rome had a convention of suspending civil government when the city was threatened, in favour of a temporary dictator. Cincinnatus was one of those dictators. That convention was the hook that Caesar Augustus used to establish the Empire. He clothed himself in the tradition of the temporary dictators – only in his case, it was permanent.
The United States has no such loophole. Even during the Civil War, when the U.S. government was at its most tyrannical with respect to civil liberties, elections were still held on schedule. President Lincoln had to run for re-election in 1864. As confirmed by World War II, even total war is no reason to suspend or even postpone elections. Americans have always had the right to change CinCs in mid-war, and still do.
Consequently, there’s no  loophole for a would-be Emperor like the Obamamessiah to exploit. America may degenerate into a dictatorship, but it surely would be an elective dictatorship. Sadly, the continuance of elections would make such dictators claim loudly that they aren’t really tyrants.

What a complete disaster Mr. Obama is. Next time, let’s hire a Natural Born Citizen for President.

So in conclusion, let me just say Barack Hussein Obama,  umm ummm ummmmm!!!!!

Barack Obama: The Lesbian Joke is on Moochelle

Just imagine. We actually have a POTUS who addressed supporters of the LGBT Leadership Council in Beverley Hills on Wednesday night. The big news isn’t the FACT that he was actively pandering for the support of such an organization, but that he may have made a vulgar homosexual joke at his WIFE’S EXPENSE. If you think about it it is sort of a double win for the cultural marxist fifth column as they relentlessy define deviancy and culture down.

Let us set the table with context as we analyze this incident. One of the selling points by the Obamamedia for this Kenyan usurper was that he was unlike anything heretofor considered for the presidency, a veritable god like light worker of grace and sophistication, the very epitome of class and wit, unparalled in his ability to bring out the best in all Americans, unite them and to make them proud of our government after the unspeakable beastiality of George W Bush’s regime.. A man oh so thoroughly “in touch” with the myriad vissicitudes of modern pop culture. One who could be unerringly relied upon to guide us through the rocks and shoals of hipdom and debark us all unscathed.

Such an enlightened being would never give Hillary and McCain the Finger, never call Sarah Palin a pig, or crack on kids in the Special Olympics in lame self deprecating attempts at humor on Jay Leno, or mock bitter clinging Americans with their quaintly rustic notions of religion and the 2nd Amendment, or giggle like a stoned loon while being interviewed about the economy by Steve Croft on 60 Minutes, and say that Squeezebox, by The Who, was all about an accordion. Or would he and did he?

So how to explain this latest gaffe? It is so at odds with this manufactured image of the walking on water demigod sold to us in 2008. I say that the REAL miracle of BHO is NOT the fact that he walks on water, the wonder is that he swam through all that Chicago political sewage without getting dirty. But I digress. Back to the unfortunate comment at the LGBT Leadership Council

First he proudly proclains his friendship with a loudly self proclaimed out of the closet lesbian, Ellen Degeneres and then juxtaposes his wife in relation to her not “going all the way down” AT AN ACTIVIST LESBIAN FUND RAISER WHERE THE GUESTS ARE EXPECTING THE POTUS TO BE A SORT OF PRESIDENTIAL LATE NIGHT COMIC. And we are to believe that the most intuned in touch with the prevailing degenerate culture hipster POTUS AND HIS HANDLERS WOULD NOT BE AWARE OF THIS?

Actually HE probably wasn’t aware specifically. In a televised interview with Barbara Walters, he admitted to being lazy as hell. He probably told his teleprompter speech writers to craft something that was suitably ingratiating with these homosexuals and would get a chuckle and money from them, but he was probably too shiftless to review the speech himself as he went out to play another round of golf.

When Obama looked very uncomfortable and adlibbed the line, “Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well,” I believe the teleprompter was prompting him to say something like, “Let’s the set the record straight, Michelle does go all the way down with me.” He realized the double-entendre at that point and did not want to read what the degenerate speechwriter had written… he had to adlib something on-the-fly and not very catchy “Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well” (which explains why the line fell flat)
Well, I guess he’s gonna have to throw the Teleprompter Of The United States under the GAYHOUND bus.
He’s talking to a group of homosexuals — people who are proud to define themselves by their sexual proclivities — and he’s surprised that they see everything he says through a sexual filter?

You lie with dogs..Get up with crabs or fleas or AIDS…. Whatevuh!!!

I watched the video. Obama is making a joke about Michelle cheating in push-ups. Initially he looks pleased when the crowd laughs at his very lame joke. Then the audience start hooting and hollering and he looks confused. Then he starts stammering through the rest of his speech because his mind is still focused on figuring out what just happened, or he is embarassed by how it sounded.

It’s not a blowjob joke. It’s a carpet munching joke about his wife going down on Ellen, a well known Hollywood lesbian.

This from the same clown who called patriotic men, women, and children “tea baggers”.
A few weeks ago Michelle was telling how Barack tucks her in every nite…..gag…

Obama was catering to a class of homosexual deviants. Which is what the Homosexual activist class is about. Which is all they understand. As the great Rev Wright might put it Obama was “ridin dirty” for their durdy money.

No dignity.

No integrity.

No class.

Just narcissistic effluvium 24/7.

If much of your entire life, and most of your every reference, thought and action revolve around hedonism and sex. . It is a cinch to anticipate that a reference to push ups would transmogrify into a riff on the implication that his wife cheated by not going down all the way with a well known Hollywood lesbian and that it should be no surprise that a gathering of homosexuals would react the way they did?

But I do know that an “LGBT” audience is primed to interpret everything sexually.
Moochele may not go down all the way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. Paging Larry Sinclair?? Or Obama’s colleagues from Man’s Country in Chicago?

I can’t wait to see the BOTH of them going down in November…..with the rest of his administrative goon squad.

Still, as others have mentioned if he didn’t realize how the joke would be taken, he’s totally stupid. Oh, right… we knew that. I almost suspect sabotage by a Hillary operative in his speechwriter pool.

The following is something that I wish I had written myself but didn’t. Since it says EXACTLY what I wished to say I will simply attribute the always combative and insightful Ann Barnhardt in her column at

“Obama during his press conference today stated “the private sector is doing fine.”

“Barack Obama is a slack-jawed, mouth-breathing imbecile who doesn’t have the brains God gave a goldfish. He is also a hard-core drug user. He smokes weed in “Choom Wagon One” to “mellow” and smokes crack, and probably does cocaine when he needs to be “up” for campaign appearances. He has no idea what he is saying most of the time, and is so stupid that he lacks the self-awareness to know when he has said something monumentally stupid, such as we saw this morning. He is not smart, hence his complete inability to speak extemporaneously and his mere passing familiarity with the English language. He is in no way competent on any level, hence his staggering lack of command on any topic except sports involving big, sweaty mens. He is not actually engaged in any meaningful policy discussion or formation. Obama himself is a puppet front kept entertained with drugs, golf, and gay sex, and the golf may only be a cover for the gay sex. People who play golf with any frequency tend to develop something that resembles a golf SWING. Barack Obama can not swing a golf club competently despite playing more golf than the avid, semi-retired, country club golfers I know.”

“Obama is simply a complete idiot. Stop trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Stop trying to process this using the assumption that Obama is in any way intelligent. Face reality. He isn’t a Manchurian candidate. He isn’t brainwashed. You have to actually have a BRAIN in order to be brainwashed. Obama is a mentally defective, drug-addled, sodomite psychopath that a cadre of Communist oligarchs are using as a theatrical facade.”

Thanks Ann. I couldn’t have said it better. With that let me just say in conclusion, Barack Hussein Obama umm ummm ummmmm!!!!

The Critiquelator and Memorial Day

This week’s critiquealation will vary considerably from my usual Barack Hussein Obama bashing rant due to the uniqueness of the Memorial Day holiday and my relationship to it. I would like to speak about a group of men, boy men actually; with whom I shared an extraordinary experience of mutually shared danger, suffering, redemption, nobility, sacrifice, absurdity, madness, cruelty, barbarity, and courage, an experience of all encompassing totality unique to those you share it with.

The man with whom I experienced these circumstances in Vietnam were my brothers. I don’t mean to over sentimentalize this term. I don’t know about the relationship that any of you had with your brothers, but I used to regularly fight with mine. So too did I occasionally do battle with some of my comrades in arms. At various times they would irritate me immensely, do things that I found objectionable and maddening, and I have no doubt that I did the same for many of them. I recall one incident in which I found myself in a rare opportunity to be completely alone in my hooch, which was reserved for the use of the four squad leaders and the platoon sergeant. I was looking forward to contemplative thoughts in a rare moment of solitude during a time in which my outfit was resting and recuperating from four weeks in the bush. Another young sergeant, a pretty good guy who I was on good terms with named Parmenter choose that time to enter the hooch. As he entered he proceeded to break wind rather loudly. For some reason that to this day I cannot quite fathom, I yelled at him to get the hell out of my hooch with all that disgusting noise and odor. Parmentier replied rather indignantly, “who the hell made you the king of farting?” You must bear in mind that we were on a Vietnam combat base that was utterly saturated with the most horrific smells imaginable. In a moment of sheer irrationality and testosterone driven cussedness I told him that he wouldn’t dare say that to me again lest he be prepared to receive a thorough beat down. He repeated his objection and next thing I knew we were battling all over the hooch. The fight was only stopped by my platoon sergeant stepping in and separating us. I eked out a mumbled apology to Parmenter and we shook hands. Later that week, Parmenter got a box of cookies from his sister that he shared with me, and I recall they were really quite good. It was as though the fight between us had never happened and didn’t matter, and our friendship resumed on it’s past terms. I guess that’s how it is, particularly with people with whom you have to rely upon for your very existence.

Personnel in combat units depend upon the certainty of being able to rely upon the fact that the people within that unit can be counted upon to do what is necessary to ensure the survival of all those within the unit. From the commanders on down, confidence in their performing their duties with a high level of competence and knowing that you won’t be abandoned to your fate if anything humanly possible can be done to assist you are vital to the continued effectiveness any good unit. Those who run afoul of this basic requirement will not last long in combat as they will be isolated and shunned

You would be amazed at the tenderness with which men who are engaged in the brutal business of killing the enemy are capable of showing to their comrades in arms. I even saw that extended to wounded enemy POW’s. My unit had a rule that no one could be relieved from the field for illness unless their temperature was over 102°. So we had guys out in the bush hauling 90 pound rucksacks up and down the hills of the demilitarized zone in 100° heat with 100% humidity who were suffering to varying degrees from malaria, dysentery, scrub typhus, dengue fever, diarrhea and other ailments whose fevers did not quite meet the required treshold who were still required to ruck up and carry on. I recall one wag in the platoon who had improvised a flap in the back of his trousers so he could stop and readily relieve himself without having to undo a mass of gear.  He  actually submitted a recommendation thru the chain of command for a modification to the field jungle utility trousers and was indignant at the lack of a reply.   But often guys were only a little bit less sick would volunteer to pull their buddies night watches for them, or assist them with digging their nighttime defensive positions as well as their own after a hard day of campaigning, or tend to their fevers while offering them some of their precious C-ration fruit cocktail to succor their ailments. It was the little kindnesses that stick out in my memory as I recall these combat hardened boy men cooing to badly wounded soldiers as they took them to medical evacuation helicopters that their wounds weren’t really too bad and that they any were going to make it just fine The guy from Louisiana with special culinary skills who would offer to whip up the squad’s C-Rations into a mouth watering treat is a special memory. As is the kid from Jersey, Eugene Shields, who was the platoon comedian.

White black Asian Hispanic, it really didn’t matter as to judging a man’s worth. You lived or died by the self evident worth that you displayed to people who had the most unimpeded ability to judge such things, men impervious to BS. Risking the likehood of death itself was secondary to failing to measure up to the expectations of your buddies. The prestige with which they accorded you enhanced your self esteem and was reinforced in a continual feedback loop of reninforcement and mutual reliance.

Here on the Teri O’Brien show we regularly rail against the tyranny and strictures of socialism. Combat soldiers are the ULTIMATE in enforced socialists. Barter and a mutually agreed communitarianism were the economies of the day. NO ONE who got packages of goodies from home failed to share them with their buddies. We often told our relatives to mail enough stuff to share with the squad and platoon. If your pal was short on water purification tablets you shared yours with a buddy. The platoon Sergeant would redistribute ammo and other supplies after firefights to ensure all had enough. All the onerous and dangerous duties like waking point and listening posts were as equally shared as was possible to do. All this was readily understood as requisite to that time and place and none of us would not have it any other way.

One pal of mine particularly stands out. He was Bobby Holt, a redneck from SC. He had a rebel battle flag stitched to his helmet cover. Consequently my black brothers in the platoon didn’t like him very much and I avoided him too. Bobby saved my life when I was pinned down in a devastating ambush in which 3 other soldiers were killed at great risk to his own life. I got to know him as I expressed my gratitude to him and I discovered that the Confederate battle flag was simply an expression of his pride in his Confederate heritage as he had ancestors who died at Antetiem and Shiloh. We became good friends and comrades. Bobby taught me to never judge a person by superficial charecteristics until you got to know them personally. I used to regularly tell my children that you wouldn’t be here if Bobby hadn’t been there. My brother Bobby died in an industrial accident in 1986. I love you and will never forget you.

Many in the media might be reluctant to acknowledge this. But the question often asked is why did these men hazard their lives so? Many recalled the incredible services of their fathers in World War II, and desired to be seen as equaling that paradigm. Perhaps many others believed that risking their earthly lives in that fashion was essential for the life that would follow the earthly one, the permanent one, into which the God-inspired achievements of this life would be mirrored as rewards.

As a tee totaler myself, turning memorial day into what is for many a drunken holiday often irritates me until I recall how most of my Nam buddies would have been and are the first to guzzle beer all day long themselves. I guess all I ask is that you spend an hour or two remembering those of all our wars who gave up all their tomorrows for your todays in service first to their buddies and then to their country.

I ask you to consider this role call of my personal heroes, the men of my outfit who didn’t come back. I can still see their faces and hear their oaths; laughter, disputes and encouragements. They had their time in the sun, and they were noble far more than not.

Bax Bernard Herman PFC 05/08/70 Quang Tri
Bunner Lester Earl SFC 05/16/70 Quang Tri
Cordova Chris B SP4 05/11/71 Quang Tri
Cox Michael Lou Jr PFC 08/05/69 Quang Tri
Desmarais Donald Roger SSG 10/22/69 Quang Tri
Dixon Carl Dean PFC 05/08/70 Quang Tri
Farmer Thomas Hoyt SP4 06/08/71 Quang Tri
Flannery James Kenneth 1LT 04/16/70 Quang Tri
Fricke Eugene Marshall SP4 05/06/71 Quang Tri
Gilpin Terry Lee CPL 08/02/70 Quang Tri
Hebert Alton John SFC 07/19/71 Quang Tri
Heskett, Bruce R 1LT 06/29/70 Quang Tri
Huggins Eugene SSG 06/23/70 Quang Tri
Keller Francis Joseph PFC 05/28/70 Quang Tri
Kelly Glenn Erroll CPL 01/05/71 Quang Tri
Lecates Robert Burton 1LT 05/21/71 Quang Tri
Leis John Eugene SP4 06/20/71 Quang Tri
Marcantel Elbert SFC 06/20/71 Quang Tri
Martinez William Joseph SP4 07/19/70 Quang Tri
May Raymond Allen SSG 01/09/70 Quang Tri
Mc Candlis Owen Ted 1LT 02/05/70 Quang Tri
Mc Collough Gary CPL 05/25/69 Quang Tri
Ogren Jerry Lewis SSG 09/16/69 Quang Tri
Pierson Grover Cecil Jr SP4 04/07/71 Quang Tri
Price Arthur Houston SSG 12/26/70 Quang Tri
Roberson Joseph Thomas SSG 04/27/70 Quang Tri
Shaller William Howard SGT 05/05/70 Thua Thien
Smith Walter Daniel SP5 03/30/69 Quang Tri
Sybert Roscoe SFC 05/05/70 Quang Tri
Tanner Ray Eugene CPL 11/20/70 Quang Tri
Taylor David Thornton SGT 02/20/71 Quang Tri
Tripp Dennis Robert CPL 10/25/68 Quang Tri
Walker Winston Charles PFC 04/05/70 Quang Tri
Watts Floyd SP4 07/04/69 Thua Thien
Wykoff Theodore Leonard SSG 09/15/69 Quang Tri

So in conclusion let me say NO Barack Hussein Obama on this special day. Remember the heroic fallen for this great nation, from all the wars and all the services. A new group of boy men and girl women and their old pro leaders are presently engaged in harms way at our nation’s behest in the Middle East. They too will be as deserving of your consideration as any of our combatants in any other war. Ensure that they receive it.

Barack Hussein Obama: The First Birther-in-Chief

Whoda Thunk it? The first birthers were NOT the VRWC, certainly not Rush Limbaugh or the RNC, or even Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama who said Kenya was Obama’s home country publically on two separate occasions. It wasn’t even Sheriff Arpaio or Donald Trump or even Orly Taitz !!! It was BHO ummm umm ummm HIS GLORIOUS SELF!!!!

When did Obama manifest his birtherism? Why to his very own self selected literary agent at the Chicago based literary agency of Acton & Dystel way back in 1991 before any hatural born citizen controversy was even a glimmer in any birther’s eye.

Obama’s former literary agency said that she misidentified his birthplace as Kenya while trying to promote the then-Harvard Law grad as an author in 1991.

According to a promotional booklet produced by the agency, Acton & Dystel, to showcase its roster of writers, Obama was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.”

Miriam Goderich edited the text of the bio; she is now a partner at the Dystel & Goderich agency, which lists Obama as one of its current clients.

She said “This was nothing more than a fact checking error by me–an agency assistant at the time,” Goderich wrote in an emailed statement to Yahoo News. “There was never any information given to us by Obama in any of his correspondence or other communications suggesting in any way that he was born in Kenya and not Hawaii. I hope you can communicate to your readers that this was a simple mistake and nothing more.”

A copy of the booklet was published on, under the headline: ” Obama’s Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: ‘Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.’ It was part of the “vetting” of the president the site’s late founder, Andrew Breitbart, had promised.

In 1998 they described him thusly:  “Barack Obama was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review.  He was born in Kenya to to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan Finance Minister and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago.  His first book is Dreams From My Father: A Story Of Race And Inheritance.”

And in 2007 they had this on their website: 

“BARACK OBAMA is the junior Democratic senator from Illinoisand was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised inIndonesia,Hawaii, andChicago. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long time New York Times bestseller.”

According to, a website that caches websites on a regular basis, the website – the official website for Dystel & Goderich, Obama’s literary agents – was using the Barack Obama “born in Kenya” language until April 2007, just two months after then-Senator Obama declared his campaign for the presidency.

Obama launched his presidential campaign in February 2007.
By April 21, 2007, the Obama bio had been changed to state that Obama was born in Hawaii:
“BARACK OBAMA is the junior Democratic senator from Illinois and was the dynamic keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. He was also the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Hawaii to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book, DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE, has been a long time New York Times bestseller.”

Obama had already been a national figure for three years, since the Democratic National Convention in 2004, by the time the biography was changed; he had been a sitting Senator for over two years.

Now we all know that its too much too expect of a former President of the Harvard Law Review to be troubled with fact checking this sort of noisome minutiae because he was too busy imbibing and absorbing important stuff like Dr Derrick Bell’s critical race theory, James Cone’s black liberation theology and Saul Allinsky’s Rules for Radicals.
Aren’t we fortunate to have as a fail safe backstop a fearless media who will assiduously investigate and resolve this issue of Obama’s birthplace and get us back to the big issues of homosexual marriage, free rubbers for female law students, cars that run on pond scum, and fake stories about Romney bullying classmates 50 years ago.

Your humble correspondent is actually a published man of letters. I provided all my biographical info to my publishers, unchallenged by them.

Publishing companies almost ALWAYS obtain their biographical information for liner notes and such entirely from the author. Therefore “born in kenya” undoubtedly came directly from Obama.

My question to you is, was he lying then or is he lying now?

Fact checking error? Yeah, right. I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night. And if Obama didn’t give them the information, where did they get it from? Pull it out of a hat?

So who are you going to believe: a fake (according to Arpaio’s cold case posse) birth certificate or a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel?

Since the promo booklet is older than his fake birth certificate, then is it more valid or is it like software and the fake BC is the latest revision, so it’s more valid?

Well, maybe since this was way back in 1997 and computers were so much less sophisticated then. Spell checkers thought that ‘Kenya’ was a misspelling of ‘Hawaii’ and thus did not autocorrect it….Yeah THAT’S THE TICKET!!!

In 2004 the AP reported the following concerning the Illinois Senate race:
Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

Obama also uses the social security of a dead man born in the Alsace-Lorraine region in 1897 who died in 1981 in Hawaii.

“I wasn’t born in Kenya, honest.
I just pretended to be, to get into Columbia and Harvard.”
(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, until I evolve some more.)

When will Jay Carney come out at a presser and claim that it was all just a marketing gimmick?

Havn’t the Obamunists always said that he was born in a manger?

But to me he acts like he was born in a barn. He just can’t seem to learn to wipe his feet before he walks across the water of somebody’s swimming pool.
I predict that this whole controversy will eventually be determined by how we apply the definition of “Kenya”
As in – “Ken ya believe this guy was born in Hawaii?”

He’s an Natural Born Citizen all right. Just not of the USA.

So in conclusion let me just say Barack Hussein Obama: Umm Ummm Ummmm!!!1

Obama and His Composite Girlfriends

At the age of 22 Barack Obama had a strong ‘sexual warmth’ that overwhelmed his girlfriend at the time, according to a new book that identifies her for the first time.

Vivid diaries written by Austrailian exchange student Genevieve Cook reveal she was driven wild.

She said that on Sundays the future U.S. President loved to lounge around bare chested in a white and blue sarong whilst doing the newspaper crossword.

In a controversial claim she also recounted how he was deeply confused about his racial identity and ‘felt like an imposter because he was so white’. She also said that he didn’t “have a black bone in his body.”

In the end Cook said that Obama, who was raised in Hawaii by his white mother, decided that he needed to ‘go black’ because it was best for him.

Guy was 22 and wearing a sarong. It appears that he wasn’t just confused about his racial identity.

Have you ever checked out Obama as he deplanes AF1…he rides an invisible pony down the stairs….bouncing the tiny reins in his delicate hands

Lets revisit that statement Young Barack Obama had great ‘sexual warmth’ but…’didn’t have a black bone in his body’
Is that a polite way of saying that his “bone” was dimensionally challenged?

I venture to say that here wasn’t a black bone in HER body, either. But maybe HE actually DID have a black bone in his body. Reggie Love, pick up the white phone please!!!

Or maybe the “bone” was white? Paging Larry Sinclair!!!

I know you’ve all heard about Big Guy’s other composite girlfriend by now: Julia.

There are a lot of jokes flying around about composite GF’s like this one: “What’s the difference between a composite girlfriend and a pit bull? a pit bull is delicious.”

Van Jones quipped thusly on MSNBC not long ago, “I think if President Obama came out as gay he wouldn’t — President Obama is not going to lose the black vote no matter what he does,” in response to a question from host Alex Wagner about a potential loss of support among black voters if Obama came out in favor of same sex marriage. Was he testing the waters to gauge the response?

Could this explain as to why all the girlfriend’s stories are coming out this week, as opposed to all other weeks, The lawsuit Against Larry Sinclair was dismissed after the complainant failed to show Sinclair had published any knowingly false statementsg thus lending credibility to Larry Sinclair’s story: that he had homosexual relations with Obama. Obama’s handlers may be trying to get out in front of future revelations in time for Election Day confirming his rumored bisexuality, and that’s usually the kiss of death for a politician.

Barack also revealed his latest composite girlfriend — “Julia.” She’s worse than the old New York girlfriend. She seems to require massive government intervention at every significant stage of her life, from 3 to 67 years of age (they purposefully left out age 72, where she gets recycled intro Soylent Green after her Logan’s Run) She doesn’t seem to be able to accomplish anything without organizing her life around some form of Obama assistance every step of the way, from his “Head Start” program at the age of three through to his Social Security benefits at the age of 67. Everything good in her life she owes to his and Uncle Sugars beneficence. As Mark Steyn so aptly put it: “When she writes her memoir, it will be thanks to a subvention from the Federal Publishing Assistance Program for Chronically Dependent Women but you’ll love it: Sweet Dreams from My Sugar Daddy. She’s what the lawyers would call “non composite mentis.” She’s not competent to do a single thing for herself — and, from Barack’s point of view, that’s exactly what he’s looking for in a woman, if only for a one-night stand on a Tuesday in early November”.

Then there’s “Elizabeth,” a 62-year-old Democratic Senate candidate from Massachusetts. Like Barack’s white girlfriend, she couldn’t be black. She would if she could, but she couldn’t. But she could be a composite — a white woman and an Indian woman, composited and compressed! Indian insofar as checking the “Are you Native American?” box on the requisite form, which Elizabeth Warren did for much of her adult life. She says that she is part Cherokee and part Delaware. 1/32 to be exact!!!

Under the Third Reich’s Nuremberg Laws, Ms. Warren would have been classified as Aryan and Mr. Zimmerman as non-Aryan. Now it’s the other way round. Now that’s how liberals mark Progress!”

Composite, make believe woman for a composite, make believe President.

May I offer this edited introduction for any future revision to Obamas apocryphal autobiographical tome:

Genevulvia was lovely with her one breast larger than the other. But her long leg and short leg were slightly offputting. However the glasses she did and did not wear went perfectly with her blond, brown, short, long, red hair. And her beautiful lips could barely conceal her under/overbite and her perfect, slightly, crooked teeth.
She was definitely a thing or two of beauty to the imaginative, twice-smitten, young Indo-Hawaiian who could switch hit for either team. Indeed it was impossible not to lose oneself gazing into her dark brown, green, hazel, blue eyes and say with the most heartfelt of words, “I shall never forget y’all.”
Alas, how could such a romantic menage-a-twaddle that felt so right, go sarong?

I think that Moochelle is gonna need another multi million vacation and a whole new designer wardrobe after reading this stuff…and this is about a white chick, too
Hide the golf clubs or she’ll do an Elin Nordegren on the president

Julia was the “heroine” in Orwell’s 1984. Eventually she gave up her independent streak and returned to the protection of “Big Brother” The current Marxist administration is hiding NOTHING about their plans for AmeriKa.
Must we point out to the functional illiterates in the Obama Administration that 1984 was a critique of socialism, NOT an instruction manual.

1984 is an unbelievably powerful book. Because it accurately portrays the endpoint of totalitarianism. Where the Communists want to go. Where liberals want to go.
In “1984″ we see what human nature is, and we see why the founding fathers (who could have never foreseen that work) worked towards the end they did, because even though they couldn’t see the end of that road, they knew it went somewhere black.

When I read “1984″, I invariably think of this passage from Churchill’s speech:
Hitler knows that he will have to break us in this Island or lose the war. If we can stand up to him, all Europe may be free and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands. But if we fail, then the whole world, including the United States, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age made more sinister, and perhaps more protracted, by the lights of perverted science.

From “1984″: “…There will be no curiosity, no enjoyment of the process of life. All competing pleasures will be destroyed. But always — do not forget this, Winston — always there will be the intoxication of power, constantly increasing and constantly growing subtler. Always, at every moment, there will be the thrill of victory, the sensation of trampling on an enemy who is helpless. If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”
Liberals cannot believe that humans, even without so called “root causes” to justify behavior, have this in them. They still believe there are ways to stamp out these characteristics of human nature.

Conservatives, and the founding fathers, understood that evil just exists, and we need to account for it. It is why the Constitution was constructed the way it is.

Where are Julia’s parents?
Where is Julia’s father?
Where is Julia’s husband?
Nowhere. They are irrelevant. Uncle Sucker will take care of her without those oppressively patriarchal entities.
See Julia.
Come. Come and see!
See Julia take.
Take, Julia, Take!

“”At 31 years old, Under President Obama, Julia decided to have a child.” Could this be more Obamunist cover for Obama’s pending bisexual outing? The welfare state subject Julia is deflowered by the feudal entitlement lord exercising his  Droit du seigneur?
If so, why didn’t Julia name her son “Trayvon instead of Zachary”?  Maybe they should reconsider the wording of that?

I would just like to point out that Obama’s vision for “Julia” is the same vision Democrats have had over decades for “Tanisha”. Look how well it’s worked out for her.

So in conclusion, let me just say,  Barack Hussein Obmama, Umm Ummmm Ummmmm!!!!!!

Barack Obama’s Hilarious “Re-Introduction” to the American People

Barack Obama at the White House Press Correspondent’s Dinner in DC,

“My name is Barack Obama. My mother was born in Kansas. My father was born in Kenya. And I was born, of course, in Hawaii.”

Okay. Okay. I got this one. Joe Wilson step up here with me and say it out loud
You lie!

Barack Obama opened last night’s White House Correspondents Dinner – an annual hardy har fest with D.C. reporters and pop culture celebrities – with a pair of jokes and a wink about his supposed Hawaii birthplace.
He a reference to April 28 of last year, when the White House released to the press a copy of his purported long-form birth certificate, a move prompted in part by calls from Donald Trump to see evidence of Obama’s eligibility to be president.

“My fellow Americans, we gather during a historic anniversary,” Obama said. “Last year at this time, in fact on this very weekend, we finally delivered justice to one of the world’s most notorious individuals.”
Video screens in the room then flashed a photo of Trump.

Obama then explained he had been counseled by his advisors to take advantage of every opportunity to reintroduce himself to America.

“My name is Barack Obama. My mother was born in Kansas. My father was born in Kenya. And I was born, of course,” the sitting president said with a mischievous, knowing wink, “in Hawaii.”
Oddly enough, the first thing they ask you to do when you take the witness stand is to state your identity and where you came from.

Another introduction to you is not neccessy for the American people. We’ve had a 39 month long introduction to you. Unemployment is 10%, almost half of US households are on food stamps, residential real estate values are down by 30%, gasoline is $4 a gallon, the process of destroying the finest health care system ever known to mankind has begun, and Iran is within months of developing a nuclear weapon, religious institutions are under assault, you have nationalized American buisnesses, added trillions to the national debt, and you are exacerbating racial and class divisions. Yes, Osama, we have a *very* good idea who you are, thank you very much!

“My name is Barack Obama. My mother (who was a bohemian beatnik proto-hippie) born in Kansas. My father (who was a Marxist senior economist in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance ) was born in Kenya (as were most of your relatives,at least two of whom are currently living in the US in blatant violation of Federal law).And I was born, of course,” the sitting president said with a mischievous, knowing wink, “well,that’s a secret”

I think a much more appropriate introduction might have begun with words like these;
Please allow me to introduce myself
I’m a man of wealth and taste
I’ve been around for a long, long year
Stole many a man’s soul and faith

HOO HOO (tip o’ the hat to Mick Jagger and the Stones Sympathy For The Devil)

Yeah, Obama, I remember how Hawaii’s new Governor Abercrombie promised, once in office, to go to the proper state bureaucracy and personally have them find your original birth certificate. Boy, that story died a sudden death and was never heard from again.

Why did Obama send his lawyer to Honolulu to courier the document back to the White House? I mean, there’s Federal Express! Hell, there’s even the USPS! How many dollars an hour do they charge?

But of course I lack the reptilian brain of a Chicago community organizer. Obama knows he can prove to a syncophantic media what he needs to prove if push ever comes to shove. Meanwhile, time for some head games. Such as sending his lawyers to ‘retrieve’ this imaginary long form original and then post a forgery?

Doubling down on his in-your-face illegitimacy…
Barry knows the posse is coming for him!

It is interesting to note that Obama had to produce the long form of birth certificate (which the press said didn’t exist) after Trump pressured him.
The joke is on the American people. While the smiling and winking Marxist makes jokes about his radical agenda and being born in Kenya, the elites and idiot celebrities in attendance laugh and congratulate themselves for being part of the “in” crowd. Meanwhile, Barry has destroyed the economy, given the Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood, and generally been a disgraceful president while still managing to play 100+ rounds of golf.

Man oh Man these elitists. All of them, Republicans and Democrats alike. The country is falling apart while they stuff their fat faces with expensive food and booze. I hope the next POTUS boycotts this self-congratulatory and self-indulgent tradition that is an example everything about our political system that is corrupt and disgusting.

I did find it funny that even his writers thought to play with his birth. And his strategists probably thought that was good — if you joke about something, it shows that it’s not real. Not so fast. Why do people believe every joke Jon Stewart says is real? Why do people think that from Sarah Palin said that she could see Matruska dolls dancing and old men playing chess and drinking vodka from her porch? Because a SNL screenwriter put those words in Tina Fey’s mouth and it became reality for most people.
Obama is using ridicule to demonize and marginalize anyone who questions his legitimacy. That is the reason the term “birther” was coined, i.e., anyone who questions the authenticity of his birth certificate or Constitutionality to hold the office is a tin foil hat wearer who must be laughed at as some sort of lunatic. Freeze the target, polarize it, and then pour on the ridicule are tried and true tactics right out of Allinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

Obama also “insulted” Republicans for not passing any laws. (which of course translates as not expanding government control over Americans, and not spending our children into debtors prison)
But than it figures that a Fabian socialist, Marxist, crony capitalist fascist statist would think that remark is an insult.
Most law that the US Congress passes these days represents a loss of liberty.
I would judge the validity of future Congresses by the number of laws they REPEAL.

Socialists, Marxists, perverts, racists, abortionists, welfare parasites, pseudo intellectual misfits, tree huggers, anthropogenic Global Warming advocates, Hollywood weirdos, and other assorted seditionists were representative of many in this conglomerate of anti American misfits.

But Obama touched on serious themes as well, remembering The New York Times’ Anthony Shadid and Marie Colvin of the Sunday Times of London who died while covering the uprising in Syria.
“Never forget that our country depends on you to help protect our freedom, our democracy and our way of life,” Obama said.
Most presidents reserve that sort of statement for the U.S. Armed Forces. I guarantee you that Obama would not lavish such praise on a press that was hostile to him.

A Malignant Narcissist’s ‘humor’ is petty and vindictive. But of course his knee-padder presstitutes laugh their lefty butts off. If nothing else, at least Obama’s reign of evil has opened the eyes of at least some of the lagging holdouts who trusted the MSM. A small silver lining in a monster-sized dark cloud.

And with that I would conclude by saying, Barack Hussein Obama Umm Ummmm Ummmmm!!!!!