Axelrod: “We Test Everything,” and That Explains Obama’s Serial, Pre-Meditated Lies: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 11-3-13

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Thanks so our guest, Professor Gary Wolfram of Hillsdale College.

Gary Wolfram (Gary_Wolfram) on Twitter

Hillsdale College (Please check out the terrific online “Economics 101” course that Prof. Wolfram is currently teaching. It’s free, and extremely informative. As he suggested on the show, share it with your kids and grandkids!)

Democratic bill gives Obama dictatorial power to raise debt ceiling – Spokane Conservative | (Story that has gotten nearly ZERO attention about the proposal submitted by Sen. Chuck “Run Hillary Run!” Schumer, Sen. Barbara Boxer, and Rep. Mazie Horono, all dems (NATCH) to give Obama the unfettered ability to spend

Administration Officials Worried Obama’s Promise that People Could Keep Their Plans Wasn’t Right, and Let Him Make It Anyway – Hit & Run :

White House knew millions would lose doctors despite Obama’s promise | Interviews | Fox News How a startup failed to launch – Richmond Times-Dispatch: Regional News From The AP (Money quote: No matter which aspects of the sprawling law had been that day’s focus, an official said, Obama ended the meeting the same way: “All of that is well and good, but if the website doesn’t work, nothing else matters.”)

Health Consumers Finding Out They Were Sold a Lemon – Bloomberg

About $1 billion in new taxes are up for a vote next week in Colorado



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