Balk Like an Egyptian: Separation of Powers Checks Dictators

As noted here, last week Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi pulled an Obama; that is, he decreed that his actions aren’t subject to judicial review. Now the judges have had it. From the Liberal Death Star (the New York Times):

Egyptian judges rebelled Saturday against an edict by President Mohamed Morsi exempting his decrees from judicial review until ratification of a constitution, denouncing it as a bid for unchecked power and calling for a judges’ strike. …

The judges, who were appointed by Egypt’s ousted strongman, Hosni Mubarak, joined liberal and secular political leaders in opposing the decree. Because the court dissolved the Parliament, the judiciary was the last check on his power, and critics called the decree a step toward autocracy.

 Are you paying attention, Mr. Boehner? There’s a reason that there are separate branches of government. Barack Obama, like Mr. Morsi, was elected, but NOT elected dictator, although, in fairness, given his lawlessness in his first term, those who think otherwise can be forgiven their confusion.


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