Barack Achieves Goal 1: Cutting America Down to Size

Barack Obama’s candidacy and ascendency to the Oval Office has often been described by a word that many of us have come to loathe: “historic,” and so it is, albeit not in the way that his supporters intended. Just in time for the week of nearly non-stop celebrity-studded parties to celebrate the nativity of the One, and just shy of a week after our political masters in Washington warned that unless we gave Barack Obama another blank check, the world would end, Congress cobbled together a half-baked short-term faux solution to our nation’s tapped out condition. The result? The dreaded downgrade in the rating of U.S. debt, the first in nearly one hundred years, came anyway. Does this “downgrade” by only one rating agency really matter to the daily lives of Americans, or will it be used as a club to bludgeon uppity ordinary citizens, who forgot last year that their role is to shut up and pay, back into silence? Does this action by Standard & Poor’s say anything about presidential leadership or the lack thereof, or is it evidence that Barack Obama has been successful at his ultimate objective, cutting racist Amerika down to size, so much so that we have to endure scolding from China, still unbelievably a recipient of U.S. foreign aid?


While Americans saw millions drained from their already depleted IRAs as the stock market dropped 500 points, Barack, Michelle and their peeps partied like it was 1999, or 2009, 2010 or 2011 in their cases. Rather than focus on the fact that it was unseemly for the First Hypocrites to chow down on ribs while Americans suffered through the Obama economy, some commentators chose to focus on the allegedly “racist” coverage of the White House birthday party.


You’ll get your usual head start on the Sunday shows, including the latest from the haughty John Kerry, who served in Viet Nam, and an edition of Useful Idiot of the Week, featuring another democrat who thinks he should have been president.


Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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