From Between Barack and a Hard Place to C(ongress) My Ass: The Teri O’Brien Show, 9/1/13

Now, all of a sudden the man who has no use for Congress needs them to help him cover up his sorry rear end and clean up for the fact that, once again off the Prompter, he is a disaster, who shot off his mouth about “red lines” that he has decided not to enforce. He ran his mouth, stepped in it, and now he will let Congress clean up the mess. If they give a thumbs down to military intervention in Syria, he can say “Let me be clear. The notion that I don’t have the authority to unilaterally invade another country is absurd. But I wanted to give the Congress the chance to vote, and even though I could decide to exercise my authority as Commander in Chief to launch a military strike against the evil regime in Syria without the consent of Congress, I choose to abide by the will of Congress.”

How perfect is it that. The jackass pops off about “red lines,” and then when he’s painted himself into a corner, he can blame Congress for the decision to do nothing.

Way to go, President Jackass!

We’ll talk about this ridiculous charade on tomorrow’s show. Also, immigration, and speaking of which, what’s behind Sen. John McCain’s apparent desire to help bring Sharia law to Syria, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers?

All that and more on tomorrow’s show. Don’t miss it!


  1. Just goes to show Teri how phony all these wars are and their main goal…central banks and global enslavement. And the media is happy to oblige…like the BBC

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