Barack Obama: America’s Andreas Lubitz

Barack Obama: America’s Andreas Lubitz. Is it too late to keep our great country from slamming into the side of a mountain?

No doubt when he got on Germanwings Flight 9295 on Monday, March 22, 2015, soon-to-be mass murderer, co-pilot and former flight attendant Andreas Lubitz appeared perfectly normal. He was probably friendly and polite, greeting his co-workers and passengers, never letting on that within an hour of takeoff, everyone on that flight would be dead, after the plane slammed into the side of a mountain.

Mr. Lubitz boarded that flight with what prosecutors say with an “intent to destroy,” something that he concealed from his victims until it was too late. In a similar fashion, Barack Obama deceived an unsuspecting public about his long-held plans for payback for the country that he had learned from childhood was irredeemably racist, imperialistic and fatally flawed since its founding, the United States of America. Starting with what anyone with more than a room-temperature IQ must now realize was a completely phony exhibition, designed to fool low-information people into believing that he was an America-loving uniter, a speech at the 2004 Democrat convention, Obama and his enablers in the Jurassic media constructed a fake persona, one that could be elected President of the United States. That’s something that the real Barack Obama could never have accomplished.

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Of course, even as he concealed the specific plans he had been hatching for years, which we are watching him implement every single day, the truth about the mountain he was about to slam our country into, if we were foolish enough to give him the controls, was there for everyone to plainly see. Every single thing in his voting record, his public statements and his background screamed “This man is a hard-wired radical leftist who has stated that he is hostile toward the Constitution, free markets and the American way of life.” While some tried to sound the alarm (and I know because I was one of them), the Obama campaign brilliantly mobilized millions of people who were completely ignorant of the information those Cassandra’s were desperately revealing. They missed that stuff, along with anything else not mentioned on “TMZ,” or “Keeping Up with Kardashians.” Even those lo-fo’s who consider themselves well-informed because the watch “Good Moron America” didn’t have a clue that they were being played by a slick, race-hustling grifter who crawled out of the Cook County slime pit. Their only previous experience with voting consisted on texting in for their favorite “American Idol” contestants. Like real elections, those AI contests took place on Tuesdays, and, as is customary in certain Ohio and Illinois precincts, allowed people to vote more than once, so it’s not like voting for Barack was completely unfamiliar. Like the AI election, the vote for Barack was one for the “coolest” entertainer with zero consideration of his public policy plans.

Many of those who voted for Barack Obama didn’t really realize that they were hiring a man dedicated to “transforming” (read destroying) America, just as Mr. Lubitz’ employer, Lufthansa, didn’t know about his doctor’s recommendation that he not fly that day. In both cases, we can argue that those making what is now obvious was a disastrous hiring decision should have known better. We can only hope that, unlike that ill-fated plane, it’s not too late to keep America from being smashed into smithereens.


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