Barack Obama: How to Lie with Statistics

Barack Obama is a not only a serial liar, but one who apparently casts such a hypnotic spell on his devotees that they question what they can see with their own eyes if it conflicts with the words the One is reading from his PrompTer. It must be true. This a a guy who asked another “unusually good liar” to vouch for him and give the American public the straight scoop about the economy, and if the media is to be believed, we are buying it. Why wouldn’t we? If you can’t count on the only elected president of the United States ever impeached for lying under oath for the truth, who can you trust?

Like all exceptionally good liars, Barack Obama employs an age-old technique. He recites statements that, while technically true, as in the words themselves are accurate, are extremely deceptive and designed to mislead.

Here’s an example, pointed out by the excellent blog Political Math in a post entitled

Why Obama Is Always Talking About “Private Sector Jobs”.

The author cites the following line from an Obama speech from June, 2012.

“Our businesses have gone back to basics and created over 4 million jobs in the last 27 months — (applause) — more private sector jobs than were created during the entire seven years before this crisis — in a little over two years.”

Technically correct, but stop and look at those numbers. Why does he cite 27 months when he’s been in office for 40 at that point? And why seven years? This accompanying video explains those very relevant facts. (This video was a recent “Video of the Day” here at, but it’s so important, I wanted to highlight it in a post.)

So once again, Obama is deceiving you. Well, not you because now you know the actual truth.

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