Barack Obama: My Voters are Idiots and I am Their King


Barack Obama is Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year!” Be still my beating heart! As if. As if anyone cares. Most of his low and no-information supporters probably haven’t noticed. They should have, though, because it is because of them that he won this coveted honor for the second time. The first time he won as America’s first affirmative-action assisted president. This time, it was for something equally unworthy; specifically, as I have frequently noted, his campaign’s ability to mobilize the “American Idol,” and “Oprah” audiences to vote for America’s first celebutard president. From Reuters:

In announcing its annual selection on Wednesday, the magazine called Obama the “Architect of the New America.”

“He’s basically the beneficiary and the author of a kind new America – a new demographic, a new cultural America that he is now the symbol of,” Time editor Rick Stengel said of Obama, who was also selected for the honor in 2008 when he became the nation’s first black president.

Obama beat Republican challenger Mitt Romney last month with clear majorities from Latinos and other minorities as well as among young adults, a result that has forced conservatives to rethink their policy positions and political strategy.

There are many reasons Obama won again, “but the biggest by far are the nation’s changing demographics and Obama’s unique ability to capitalize on them. When his name is on the ballot, the next America — a younger, more diverse America — turns out at the polls,” Time contributor Michael Scherer said in an article accompanying the selection.

The One himself also noted in the Liberal Death Star that

his winning coalition reflected “the much-noted demographic shift in this society,” and that one of his points of pride of the first term is, “I think I’ve helped to solidify this incredibly rapid transformation in people’s attitudes around L.G.B.T. issues — how we think about gays and lesbians and transgender persons.”

Isn’t that special? Can there possibly be any more important job for the leader of the free world than making sure that we all get our minds right about homosexuality?


  1. That post sums it up pretty neatly. Americans have been led into idiocy and selfishness since Wilson’s time, and this is the payoff. The barbarians don’t even have to break down the gates.

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