Barack Obama Puts on a Clinic in Demagoguery

Another Dear Leader who was interested in oppressing his people "for the children"

Another Dear Leader who was interested in oppressing his people “for the children”

Yesterday, as his apparatchiks in the Lame Stream Media perfectly executed Stage 2 of The 3 Stages in Arguing with a Liberal, Barack Obama shamelessly exploited the killing of children to advance an agenda that has nothing to do with its ostensible reason, to prevent future tragedies like the one at Sandy Hook School.

As promised, his announcement of his power grab featured kiddie human shields, with the Leader of the Free World suggesting that we should stomp on our sacred, God-given rights based on the scrawled pleas of frightened seven and eight year olds, and the desperate, grief-driven emotions of the surviving parents of murdered children. Let me borrow a phrase from the bloated oil whore, Al Gore, and mention a couple of inconvenient truths; specifically,

(1) As I have told you for years, originating back in the mid 1990’s here at, and later on every iteration of The Teri O’Brien Show, when the Left is attempting to steal your money and your freedom, which are actually the same thing, they always invoke “the children.” It’s disgusting, exploitative and all too predictable. Let me repeat another truth that I can’t say enough. These people have to get some new writers!

(2) The last time we were told that we should make important public policy based on the recommendations of children was when the King of the Useful Idiots, Jimmuh Carter, shared the fact that his ideas on preventing nuclear annihilation came from his ten-year-old daughter Amy. Outside of his fellow liberal fools, that assertion from our 39th president was greeted with mocking laughter. Yesterday’s silly, cringe-inducing dog and pony show deserves the same response.

(3) As much as our hearts go out to the parents of murdered children, and the other survivors of violent crime, let me say something that no one wants to hear, and that some might think is cruel to mention; that is, they are the very last people who should be making decisions about changes in the laws affecting our 2nd Amendment rights. As Aristotle so correctly stated, “the law is reason free from passion.” Grieving parents are not capable of an objective evaluation of policy alternatives, at least not while their pain is still raw. It is precisely that raw pain that elitist demagogues like B. Hussein Obama want to capitalize on to advance their anti-freedom agenda.

(4) When the Left starts talking about “common sense” as they gloss over the details of precisely what they mean by that benign phrase, be afraid. Be very afraid. One frequently mentioned aspect of this latest batch of “common sense” laws and regulations to stop “gun violence,” which allegedly no one can reasonably oppose is “universal” background checks. How can anyone oppose that “common sense” proposal? Gee, perhaps because it means that the boot of the federal government would be on the neck of every American who wants to give a firearm to his son, daughter or other family member? Should you really have to be subjected to reams of bureaucratic red tape just to do that? Just like “universal” health care, “universal” background checks will require a level of coercion by an ever-expanding federal government that would horrify most Americans if they thought of the implications of such a policy.

(5) As noted in this post, the NRA did an excellent ad, calling out Obama as the liberal elitist hypocrite that he is. The screeching and gnashing of teeth by the Left shows that they hit their target (no pun intended).

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