Barack Obama, The Greatest President in the History of Everything, Today on the Teri O’Brien Show

What’s faster than Barack Obama driving to the hoop and more furious than Michelle finding out that she has to spend her vacation in Branson, MO? An Eric Holder Friday evening document dump about the unwinding scandal commonly known by the same adjectives, Fast and Furious. We’ll unpack the timeline and ask, yet again, why Mr. Holder continues to receive a paycheck from U.S. taxpayers, and why the Jurassic media continues to ignore this mess.

But, ah, Bitter Clinger, Her Highness will not be spending her latest vacation in Branson. On the latest leg of Barack and Michelle’s excellent “Reparations Have to Start Somewhere, So Why Not With Us?” she and her family will drop at least another cool million of this mean country’s cash when they take their 17-day vacation in Hawaii. Yes we can!

But Herman Cain can’t.

All this hate speech, begrudging the Obamas’ their vacations, demonstrates, yet again, that the mouth-breathing, weed-bending dullards who don’t support our president are incapable of appreciating something obvious to the enlightened; that is, that he is the greatest president in the history of everything. Our special guest, Frank J. Fleming, author of the terrific book with that very title, The Greatest President in the History of Everything, will come on the show and straighten us all out.

Tune in Sunday for the rest of the story.


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