Barack Obama: The Lesbian Joke is on Moochelle

Just imagine. We actually have a POTUS who addressed supporters of the LGBT Leadership Council in Beverley Hills on Wednesday night. The big news isn’t the FACT that he was actively pandering for the support of such an organization, but that he may have made a vulgar homosexual joke at his WIFE’S EXPENSE. If you think about it it is sort of a double win for the cultural marxist fifth column as they relentlessy define deviancy and culture down.

Let us set the table with context as we analyze this incident. One of the selling points by the Obamamedia for this Kenyan usurper was that he was unlike anything heretofor considered for the presidency, a veritable god like light worker of grace and sophistication, the very epitome of class and wit, unparalled in his ability to bring out the best in all Americans, unite them and to make them proud of our government after the unspeakable beastiality of George W Bush’s regime.. A man oh so thoroughly “in touch” with the myriad vissicitudes of modern pop culture. One who could be unerringly relied upon to guide us through the rocks and shoals of hipdom and debark us all unscathed.

Such an enlightened being would never give Hillary and McCain the Finger, never call Sarah Palin a pig, or crack on kids in the Special Olympics in lame self deprecating attempts at humor on Jay Leno, or mock bitter clinging Americans with their quaintly rustic notions of religion and the 2nd Amendment, or giggle like a stoned loon while being interviewed about the economy by Steve Croft on 60 Minutes, and say that Squeezebox, by The Who, was all about an accordion. Or would he and did he?

So how to explain this latest gaffe? It is so at odds with this manufactured image of the walking on water demigod sold to us in 2008. I say that the REAL miracle of BHO is NOT the fact that he walks on water, the wonder is that he swam through all that Chicago political sewage without getting dirty. But I digress. Back to the unfortunate comment at the LGBT Leadership Council

First he proudly proclains his friendship with a loudly self proclaimed out of the closet lesbian, Ellen Degeneres and then juxtaposes his wife in relation to her not “going all the way down” AT AN ACTIVIST LESBIAN FUND RAISER WHERE THE GUESTS ARE EXPECTING THE POTUS TO BE A SORT OF PRESIDENTIAL LATE NIGHT COMIC. And we are to believe that the most intuned in touch with the prevailing degenerate culture hipster POTUS AND HIS HANDLERS WOULD NOT BE AWARE OF THIS?

Actually HE probably wasn’t aware specifically. In a televised interview with Barbara Walters, he admitted to being lazy as hell. He probably told his teleprompter speech writers to craft something that was suitably ingratiating with these homosexuals and would get a chuckle and money from them, but he was probably too shiftless to review the speech himself as he went out to play another round of golf.

When Obama looked very uncomfortable and adlibbed the line, “Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well,” I believe the teleprompter was prompting him to say something like, “Let’s the set the record straight, Michelle does go all the way down with me.” He realized the double-entendre at that point and did not want to read what the degenerate speechwriter had written… he had to adlib something on-the-fly and not very catchy “Michelle outdoes me in pushups as well” (which explains why the line fell flat)
Well, I guess he’s gonna have to throw the Teleprompter Of The United States under the GAYHOUND bus.
He’s talking to a group of homosexuals — people who are proud to define themselves by their sexual proclivities — and he’s surprised that they see everything he says through a sexual filter?

You lie with dogs..Get up with crabs or fleas or AIDS…. Whatevuh!!!

I watched the video. Obama is making a joke about Michelle cheating in push-ups. Initially he looks pleased when the crowd laughs at his very lame joke. Then the audience start hooting and hollering and he looks confused. Then he starts stammering through the rest of his speech because his mind is still focused on figuring out what just happened, or he is embarassed by how it sounded.

It’s not a blowjob joke. It’s a carpet munching joke about his wife going down on Ellen, a well known Hollywood lesbian.

This from the same clown who called patriotic men, women, and children “tea baggers”.
A few weeks ago Michelle was telling how Barack tucks her in every nite…..gag…

Obama was catering to a class of homosexual deviants. Which is what the Homosexual activist class is about. Which is all they understand. As the great Rev Wright might put it Obama was “ridin dirty” for their durdy money.

No dignity.

No integrity.

No class.

Just narcissistic effluvium 24/7.

If much of your entire life, and most of your every reference, thought and action revolve around hedonism and sex. . It is a cinch to anticipate that a reference to push ups would transmogrify into a riff on the implication that his wife cheated by not going down all the way with a well known Hollywood lesbian and that it should be no surprise that a gathering of homosexuals would react the way they did?

But I do know that an “LGBT” audience is primed to interpret everything sexually.
Moochele may not go down all the way, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does. Paging Larry Sinclair?? Or Obama’s colleagues from Man’s Country in Chicago?

I can’t wait to see the BOTH of them going down in November…..with the rest of his administrative goon squad.

Still, as others have mentioned if he didn’t realize how the joke would be taken, he’s totally stupid. Oh, right… we knew that. I almost suspect sabotage by a Hillary operative in his speechwriter pool.

The following is something that I wish I had written myself but didn’t. Since it says EXACTLY what I wished to say I will simply attribute the always combative and insightful Ann Barnhardt in her column at

“Obama during his press conference today stated “the private sector is doing fine.”

“Barack Obama is a slack-jawed, mouth-breathing imbecile who doesn’t have the brains God gave a goldfish. He is also a hard-core drug user. He smokes weed in “Choom Wagon One” to “mellow” and smokes crack, and probably does cocaine when he needs to be “up” for campaign appearances. He has no idea what he is saying most of the time, and is so stupid that he lacks the self-awareness to know when he has said something monumentally stupid, such as we saw this morning. He is not smart, hence his complete inability to speak extemporaneously and his mere passing familiarity with the English language. He is in no way competent on any level, hence his staggering lack of command on any topic except sports involving big, sweaty mens. He is not actually engaged in any meaningful policy discussion or formation. Obama himself is a puppet front kept entertained with drugs, golf, and gay sex, and the golf may only be a cover for the gay sex. People who play golf with any frequency tend to develop something that resembles a golf SWING. Barack Obama can not swing a golf club competently despite playing more golf than the avid, semi-retired, country club golfers I know.”

“Obama is simply a complete idiot. Stop trying to push a square peg into a round hole. Stop trying to process this using the assumption that Obama is in any way intelligent. Face reality. He isn’t a Manchurian candidate. He isn’t brainwashed. You have to actually have a BRAIN in order to be brainwashed. Obama is a mentally defective, drug-addled, sodomite psychopath that a cadre of Communist oligarchs are using as a theatrical facade.”

Thanks Ann. I couldn’t have said it better. With that let me just say in conclusion, Barack Hussein Obama umm ummm ummmmm!!!!

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