Liar- In -Chief Barack Obama’s America: Where the Regime Condemns Having 2 Classes of People While Creating 2 Classes of People: Show Notes, The Teri O’Brien Show, 2-2-14


Google: White House Did Not Turn Off Comments Section On Google+ Hangout With Obama (How could ANYONE accuse the Regime of that?!!)

Officials believe rat-infested ‘ghost ship’ has sunk | Fox News (As I mentioned on the show, I thought of this story when Obama used that lame “ocean liner” metaphor for his massive federal behemoth during his Google+ hangout)

Did Showdown Kill Boehner’s Immigration Dreams? (Boehner getting MAJOR push back on amnesty from GOP members of Congress. This is NOT the time to let up in telling these guys that we DO NOT want amnesty)

John Lott’s Website: What is the risk of a six year old dying from an accidental gun shot?

Bill Maher Jokes There Should Be a ‘Mass Shooting At the Country Music Awards’ | Mediaite (Hilarious! This guy’s tired act cannot possibly funny to anyone but the most far-gone Kool-Aid drinkers)

Christie Linked to Knowledge of Shut Lanes – (Relax, Liberal Death Star. This is what it looks like when a lawyer is trolling for a plea deal.)

David Wildstein: A Christie Groupie Scored? – The Daily Beast



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