Barack Obama’s Breathtaking Cynicism on Immigration

As noted on last Sunday’s show, since being elected to federal office, Barack Obama has displayed breathtaking cynicism on the issue of immigration. Ever since he announced his disgusting, politically-motivated stunt last Friday in the Rose Garden, his mouthpieces have rushed to every media outlet to proclaim that his unprecedented action was unavoidable. After all, he supports “comprehensive immigration reform,” and has tried his darnedest to get Dick Durbin and Orrin Hatch’s DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act passed, only to be stymied by mean Republicans at every turn. He tried to play by the rules, but they wouldn’t, and as we well know, “we can’t wait!” So, he took action. End of story. Even his friends in the Jurassic media realize that his apparatchiks’ repeated denials that this latest act of unabashed lawlessness is pure identity politics don’t pass the laugh test, and some have even stated the obvious on that point. They don’t mention the other glaring fact about Obama’s double dealing on this issue; specifically, that for two years, the One and his party controlled not only the White House, but both houses of Congress, and did nothing on immigration. (Speeches don’t count.) During that time, everything took a back seat to the socialist Holy Grail, taking over the health care system. This failure broke a 2008 campaign promise made on Univision, and replayed on ABC’ “This Week” On May 28 2008.

Of course, as usual when dealing with this bunch, the story behind the story, which nearly everyone is missing, is even worse. It demonstrates the rotten, stinking cynicism that we’ve learned to expect from those who cut their political teeth in the equally stinking slough of corruption, Cook County. Not only did B. Hussein not push for immigration reform as promised. Listeners to last Sunday’s show heard what no one else is mentioning; specifically, in 2007, his vote was instrumental in killing it.

Now, having had a Shazam moment, he realizes that, contrary to what he said last year, he can unilaterally make law! Who knew? And what an opportune discovery less than five months until election day. From ABC News:

Obama enjoys a lopsided advantage over Republican rival Mitt Romney among Latinos. But while they are the fastest-growing voting bloc, and could decide the outcome in pivotal battleground states like Colorado, Florida and Nevada, Latinos have the lowest voter registration numbers of any major ethnic group in the United States. That means the president must energize them enough to register — and then encourage them to show up on November 6.

The challenge — and the stakes — are evident in Florida. A whopping 638,000 Latinos there are eligible to vote but have not registered, according to a recent report by the Obama-aligned Center for American Progress think tank in Washington. That’s enough to make the difference in the Sunshine State.

This shameful episode is more than just the latest evidence of Barack Obama’s contempt for the Constitution. It is another opportunity for voters to connect the dots. Barack Obama conned voters in 2008 by talking pretty about immigration reform, confident that the lapdog media wouldn’t remind us that he had killed it the previous year on orders from his union taskmasters. He cynically lies about this stunt being “the right thing to do,” when only last year he said he couldn’t. He claims to want to “reach across the aisle,” but deliberately avoided addressing the issue in Congress by reaching out to Sen. Marco Rubio. If he really believed that it’s the right thing to do, he would have tried to do it the right way, with a permanent solution, not with what he admits is a “stop gap.” Of course, had he actually tried to solve the problem, he couldn’t scare those 600,000 unregistered Hispanics in Florida, and the thousands elsewhere, by saying “if I’m not re-elected, there’s no guarantee that my policy won’t be overturned, and that you, your grandma and your (anchor) baby won’t be dragged out of your house in the middle of the night in shackles and booted back to Mexico.”

Desperation ain’t pretty.

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