Barack Obama’s Idea of “Success” in Business

As we previously noted here, and Patricia Campion’s excellent reporting details, the idea that GM bailout was a “success” is like everything else touted by this lying, thieving Marxist crew; that is, it’s only by distorting the meaning of common English words that we can call what is clearly a disastrous failure a “success.” I hope you’re sitting down because I’ve got shocking news for you. Barack Obama is lying to you AGAIN.

Taxpayers lost, but Obama’s UAW buddies won. From the Heritage Foundation:

The bailout would have cost $26.5 billion less had the UAW been treated like GM’s and Chrysler’s other creditors. Instead, the Administration violated basic principles of bankruptcy law and transferred that money to the UAW—at taxpayer expense.

I suggest reading the whole report. It’s very illuminating. After you do, you’ll understand what Obama’s “shared prosperity” is all about. It’s not like he didn’t tell us before that he believes in “reward your friends and punish your enemies.” That is, after all, the Chicago Way.


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