Barack Obama’s IRS: “Punish Your Enemies”

Yesterday, the Internal Revenue Service apologized for targeting Tea Party groups for harassment, and during his delayed press briefing, when he wasn’t throwing the CIA under the Benghazigate bus, Barack Obama’s press flack dismissed that outrageous abuse of government power as the actions of “an independent agency.” Of course! Once again, Barry is just a bystander. Or so he would have the peasants believe.

Even the WaPo admits that past presidents have used the IRS to attack their political enemies:

The sensitivity arises in no small part because of the IRS’s history as an agency that presidents have used to intimidate, harass and punish their political enemies. Most infamous was Richard M. Nixon, but the practice went back at least as far as Franklin D. Roosevelt. ­Post-Watergate reforms made the IRS more independent and were designed to insulate it from politics.

Oh wait, the One, the shining messenger of Hope and Change, would never behave like those guys, would he? Some cynics might cite the current Watergate 2.0, aka Benghazigate, and suggest that he certainly would. They might beef up their case by mentioning the time-honored traditions, collectively known as “the Chicago Way,” often includes the use of strategic building inspections and other unwanted interactions with government agencies to persuade people to go along with the program. Wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama (mmm…mmm…mmm…) the guy who encouraged Latinos to “punish” their “enemies?” 

Liberals don’t view politics as an attempt to convince people of the merits of their public policy ideas. They view it as a battle between good and evil, with them in the role of knights in shining armor and us as the dragons that need to be slayed. And, they LOVE this  war. It energizes them. Consider these comments from yesterday’s Financial Times, quoting James “Serpent head” Carville about Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Mr Carville said Benghazi had been more “personally” than politically painful for Mrs Clinton, because of the loss of life. But the criticism from the right had only made it more likely she would run.

“If the chances of her running for president were 30 per cent before, they are 70 per cent now,” he said. “This is literally the view of everyone who knows her. This has reminded her of who her enemies are.”

So let’s connect the dots. Politicians in general, and liberals in particular, like to punish their enemies. This “independent agency,” the IRS will be enforcing Obamacare, and therefore, along with the Department of Health and Human Services, have the power of life and death over nearly every American.

Doesn’t that make you feel better?


  1. I wrote a respectful letter to Mr. Obama shortly after his “punish your enemies” speech. My question, just exactly who are your enemies and to remind him he represents ALL of us, not just who he wants. I got no reply from anyone and three months later got hit with an IRS tax audit. Coincidence? I wonder.

    • Wow-I am so sorry to hear about that, Troy, and OF COURSE, I don’t think it was a coincidence. It’s the Chicago Way on display, IMO.

  2. Well said, Teri.

  3. Of course. He will have to be brief and pithy. Thomas will decide if he will add interesting, relevant content to the show. That’s the test for getting on the air.

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