Barack Obama’s War on The Constitution, Plus Hating Breitbart-Today on The Teri O’Brien Show, 5-26-13

Barack Obama’s War on the Constitution Was ABSOLUTELY Foreseable. Unfortunately, the Lame Stream Media Covered This Fact Up. BIG TIME.

As we reflect on the courage, patriotism and sacrifice of our military, both veterans, the fallen and those currently serving, the precious Constitution that they protect is under assault. Throughout his political career, our Lame Stream Media helped Barack Obama conceal his contempt for it, making sure that he was able to hide the real meaning of phrases like “negative rights.” The con that they facilitated worked, and now it’s easier to list the individual amendments composing the Bill of Rights that are not under assault than the ones that are. Using the IRS to target not the freedom of speech and association of his political opponents, but also reporters? Check off the First Amendment. Initiating a deadly gun-walking scheme to gin up a “crisis,” and demands for more gun control? Second Amendment-Check. Snooping on a Fox News reporter by filing an affidavit swearing that he is probably a co-conspirator in an espionage scheme? Fourth Amendment-Check. The actions of this administration have made a mockery of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments, which make clear that the Constitution limits the power of the federal government. I guess we should be grateful that they aren’t trying to quarter any troops in our homes. We can also take comfort in the fact that at least one person working in Obama’s IRS has great regard for the Fifth Amendment. Perhaps the Attorney General Eric Holder will soon get the opportunity to show his devotion to it as well, assuming that his investigation of himself doesn’t go his way.

It’s not as if Barack Obama isn’t concerned about civil liberties. In a “declare victory and leave the field” speech, he made very clear that he is absolutely devoted to making sure that the rights of murderous fanatics fueled by an extremely dangerous ideological interpretation of Islam aren’t violated. Welcome back to 9/10. What could possibly go wrong? In addition, it seems to share Eric Holder’s opinion that being permitted to violate our immigration laws is a civil right. What aren’t proponents of the proposed amnesty, including Sen. Marco Rubio, not telling you about Sen. Chuck Schumer’s “Gang of 8” legislation? What’s the status of the current bill?

One man who gave no quarter to the Left was the legendary journalist and media visionary Andrew Breitbart, taken from this life too soon, on March 1, 2012. Fortunately, he’s not really gone. He lives on in the thousands who continue to battle in the New Media army that he helped create. The director, Andrew Marcus, will join us to talk about his terrific new documentary, “Hating Breitbart.”

We should also have time for a 2nd Amendment update if the radio gods are with us.

Tune in today for the rest of the story.


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