Barack of a Thousand Days: More Contempt for the Law on Display

I wonder if Barack Obama will mention this interesting little factoid during his performance tonight. From Investor’s Business Daily:

The last time the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate passed a budget was April 29, 2009 — 1,000 days ago. It’s no mystery why: They don’t want taxpayers to know about the trillions they’re wasting.

 Precisely. The piece goes on to point out that when the last budget was passed, our Sham WOW (Walks on Water) current occupant of the Oval Office praised Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for passing what is an essential “foundation for growth.” So much for that idea.

Please check out this excellent Heritage Foundation video that drives home the point, What Can You Do in 1000 Days? And the footnote video, featuring all the hot news events that have occurred since the Senate last passed a budget. (H/T Power Line).

Gee, I wonder if the major network newscasts will lead with this story?

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