Barack, Who’s Your Daddy? Show Notes, 7/29/12

Lame Stream Media, clearly in full panic mode over the almost certain defeat of the One in 100 days, tries to amplify the horror of Mitt Romney’s alleged “stumble” in London, forgetting the Obamas’ embarrassing performance there in 2009. The manhandling of the Queen by the repellant, linebacker-like Moochelle, the iPod with O speeches, the DVD’s that wouldn’t play in Eurorpe apparently were nothing compared to Mitt Romney’s expressing the same concerns that had been stated for weeks in the British press. Which misstep was worse: Mitt’s wondering if London was ready for the Olympics or B. Hussein’s cringe-inducing “Special Olympics” comment on the Tonight Show?

Official site of Dreams from My Real Father (2012) (from our guest Joel Gilbert, director of several films, including the new one “Dreams from My Real Father,” which posits that Frank Marshall Davis was Barack Obama’s biological father, as well as his ideological father)

Speech by Joel Gilbert, Director of Dreams from My Real Father (finally someone calls out the Lame Stream Media on their pathetic masquerade as “journalists”-a must read!)

Obama Not So Post-Racial When Promoting <i>Dreams</i> in 1994: Stereotyped Blacks, Disliked His ‘White Blood’

David Maraniss: What drives the Obama doubters and haters? – The Washington Post (Gee, I don’t remember any headlines like this one when George W. Bush was president, do you?)

Strassel: Four Little Words – (as in “you didn’t build that”)

Rahm Emanuel: Chick-fil-A Values Are Not Chicago Values – Chick-fil-A – Fox Nation

Rahm Stiffs Chick-fil-A, Welcomes Louis Farrakhan | The Weekly Standard

Rahm Emanuel Campaigned for 2 Presidents Who Opposed Gay Marriage – Conor Friedersdorf – The Atlantic

Jeff Bezos Kicks Straight Support For Gay Marriage Up A Notch – Forbes

United Nations fails to agree landmark arms-trade treaty | Reuters (as this story notes, this affront to the 2nd Amendment isn’t completely dead, only tabled, and could come back, which is why Smart Listener Chicago Rob recommends that you let your representatives know that you continue to oppose it)

First Lady Michelle Obama wows London’s Buckingham Palace in captivating, all-white embroidered jacket that retails for $6,800 – NY Daily News (remember, Barack and Michelle figure reparations have to start somewhere, and why not with them?)

She Feels Your Pain – Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket to London Soiree …Update: Jacket Cost More Than What Average US Family Makes in 1 Month | The Gateway Pundit 



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