Barack’s Extreme Makeover: Tonight Live Chat at 8 PM Central

As noted in this post, the Obamas love their date nights in Chicago, in Paris, in New York City. Now, thanks to a gun-wielding murderous nut, date nights are all the rage. All those hopey, changey wet-behind-the-ears Obama voters wanted to change the world. It appears that, thanks to the gutlessness of the GOP, Jared Loughner actually did it. Way to go, Jared! Pol Pot also changed the world. So did Castro. Are you starting to see how moronic that phrase is, my mush-headed young friends?

Although there is one sad note about tonight’s love fest: Nancy Pelosi turned Eric Cantor down. She doesn’t want to be his date! Not to worry, Mr. Majority Leader. I have a feeling in, what has got to be bringing on a cruel, painful flashback to her lonely high school days, that Rosa DeLauro is still sitting by the phone.

Tonight members of Congress will sit together like kindergarteners being taught how to play well with others, led by our serial-lying, arrogant, phony, narcissistic, TelePrompTer-dependent Empty-Suit-in-Chief, in the role of Uniter-in-Chief. He is badly miscast. This is a man who at last year’s dog and pony show disgracefully berated the Supreme Court, knowing that they would be unable to respond, while his lackeys surrounded them, while hooting and hollering like hyenas. This is a man who found a simple suggestion from a fellow faculty member at the University of Chicago so intolerable that he turned his back and walked away without responding. The audio is here. If we are going to take lessons in civility and co-operation from Chicago thug/Alinsky acolyte Barack Hussein Obama, what’s next? Fitness advice from Michael Moore? Nutrition advice from some affirmative-action admittee to the Ivy League with ZERO credentials in medicine, biochemistry, physiology or any remotedly related field who has a caboose you could park an aircraft carrier on? Oh wait …

The White House has confirmed that B. Hussein is going to pretend to be in favor of reducing the deficit, talking about “freezing” spending. Cute trick: raise federal spending, then “freeze it.” As is usually the case when you strip away Obama’s glittering generalities and platitudes and actually examine this “freeze,” it’s as phony as everything else about this administration. The “freeze” applies only to non-discretionary spending, about 20% of total federal spending, or $250 billion over 10 years. The “stimulus” was $800 billion. Who does he think he’s kidding with this garbage?

I’ve got a different idea. Let’s do what all the rest of us do when there’s not as much income: actually CUT spending.

Despite the endless repetition about Obama’s “move to the center,” this clap trap about reducing spending is not really Barack Obama’s Extreme Makeover. It certainly won’t be as entertaining as an episode of that show, Of course, it will have some elements in common with that program; specifically, the use of emotion to manipulate the viewers to feel all touchy-feely, and some people getting lots of free stuff from others. In this case, the hope is that while your eyes are welling up, you won’t notice that once again, your pocket is being picked to line the pockets of Obama’s union cronies and the beneficiaries of “Barack’s stash,’ which is precisely what his health care scheme is all about.

We’ll be live chatting at, starting at 8 pm Central, so if you can’t bear watching alone, please join us. If you can’t watch, remember, I watch so you don’t have to.

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