Barack’s Mission Accomplished Speech

During yesterday’s “mission accomplished” speech, LIVE from KABUL!, the One, clearly a cross between Gen. George Patton, Winston Churchill and Jack Bauer, spoke to voters, and said the following:

“Our goal is not to build a country in America’s image or to eradicate every vestige of the Taliban,” he said. “These objectives would require many more years, many more dollars and many more American lives. Our goal is to destroy al-Qaeda, and we are on a path to do exactly that.”


Great goal, Barack, except is destroying al-Qaeda enough to keep us safe? Probably not. From the Washington Times, “No Safety in a Weaker al-Qaeda:”

U.S. intelligence officials who recently briefed reporters on al Qaedasaid bin Laden’s death removed the terrorist group’s most effective and inspirational leader and hobbled its capacity for staging a complicated assault. But they said the threat from al Qaeda affiliates has increased.

“The organization that brought us 9/11 is essentially gone,” a senior U.S. counterterrorism official said on the condition of anonymity, but “it’s really too soon to declare victory.”

Affiliates such as al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al Qaeda inIraqal Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and al-Shabab inSomalia carry out the bulk of attacks, said Robert T. Cardillo, deputy director of national intelligence.


So the only thing missing was the “Mission Accomplished” banner, something I have yet to hear our Lame Stream Media friends mention. Also left out of the slobbering coverage of this obviously politically motivated road show, any mention of Pakistan. Has anyone even asked them for an explanation about how it was they were able to miss seeing Osama bin Laden right under their noses? Or doesn’t that matter now that it’s an election year?


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