Petulant Barry’s Self-Righteous Rant


As I often remind you, the Left does not get angry when you lie about them. If you really want to see that flash of anger in a leftist’s otherwise dead eyes, tell the truth about them. We saw another example of that truth today, when B. Hussein Obama lit into Donald Trump for doing just that.

Today, about 36 hours after the worst terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11, Barack Obama could barely contain his rage, and it showed. Of course, it’s understandable that he would be mad after 49 Americans were murdered in an Orlando nightclub. When he angrily called out the evil, ISIS-admiring, Islamic shooter, and vowed to get justice for the innocent victims, I stood up and cheered. Oh wait—that didn’t happen. Instead, he angrily called out his oafish subjects, especially the one who wants to succeed him in office, who refuse to have the decency to stop pointing out the awkward truth; specifically, that even as the bodies pile up at the hands of Islamic maniacs, he refuses to say who it is we are fighting. We owe today’s return of petulant, prickly Barry to the fact that he is angry, not at the terrorists, but at those who point his sickening morally ambivalent worldview, especially that horrible, mean Donald Trump.

There he was, in full cringe-inducing, lecture mode, condescendingly stating that people who suggest that he has been weak on radical Islamic terrorism because he won’t use a particular “talking point,” are suffering from a “dangerous mind set” that “will make us left safe.” Hey, I didn’t say there was anything original in this steaming mess.

In fact, today’s performance was uncomfortably familiar. Where had I seen this guy before? Then I remembered, and when I mention it so will you. It was last November, after the ISIS attack in Paris. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

On Monday, November 17, while at the G-20, Barack Obama put on a clinic on delusion disguised as a news conference that left the entire world, including even our leftist “mainstream” media extremely confused. As you know, the previous Friday, ISIS had conducted a vicious terror attack in Paris, and that was the subject of most of the questions directed to the president. Of course, that was to be expected. It was his answers that left people scratching their heads.

Mark Halperin called his performance “baffling.” Joe Scarborough called it “disconnected from reality.” The Washington Post noted that he was “peevish” and “petulant,” which was clearly the case. How dare the media ask him if he had underestimated ISIS and whether he was going to change his approach? Why? Because of some “setback”, the killing and serious injury of hundreds of innocent people in Paris the Friday before? You. Cannot. Be. Serious.

It’s difficult to understand how anyone could look at the photos of the murdered victims who comprise the “setback”, while realizing that they spent their last moments alive in sheer terror, and not become enraged and committed to destroy this very dangerous enemy. Yet, we saw none of that from Obama, something that should surprise no one.

To understand Obama’s detached and dismissive approach, it’s important to start with understanding that he is not really interested in defeating ISIS. Reality is not optional, and the reality, painful as it may be for some to accept, is that Barack Obama sympathizes with the views of America’s enemies, including ISIS.

There are three reasons for Barack Obama’s delusional, disconnected approach to America’s most determined enemy, (1) his Radical Leftist Ideology, (2) Cynical Political Calculation, and (3) Sentimental Emotional Memory. (Read more here.)

Barack “workplace violence” Obama is angry because the American people are too stupid to appreciate his brilliant, yet somehow failing, strategy against a very determined enemy. Can someone so brilliant not understand something so obvious, that we don’t think he’s weak on terrorism because he won’t say   “radical islam?” We know he won’t say “radical Islam” because he suffers from the moral equivalency that afflicts all Leftists, and that THAT is what makes him weak on Islamism.

Barack Obama’s unwillingness to stop disgracing the office of the Presidency is another the reason that my work is never done.


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  1. “Reality is not optional, and the reality, painful as it may be for some to accept, is that Barack Obama sympathizes with the views of America’s enemies, including ISIS.”
    Donald Trump only shined the light on his ghastly ambivalence. No call to Florida’s governor, no condemnation of the barbarity? But the best part, the most fun part, was when he took Trump to task for having the audacity (can I say that?) to insist the Radical Islam be called by it’s name. He who insists on calling ISIS ISIL says there is no point in names. Then why insist in calling it ISIL?

    So we have a failed president supporting a successor who should be in jail already, openly campaigning for the candidate by attacking the opposing candidate. Trump couldn’t ask for a nicer birthday present.

    What was it he said at the Egyptian University? “I will side will the Muslims if an ill wind blows…” Or some such nonsense.

    He’s a churlish bastard.

    • Yes. In my notes, I have long list of all the laudatory things the One has said about Islam, which I think I should publish somewhere, just for the record. The instances you cite are included in the list.

      “Churlish bastard?” I love that phrase.

  2. I didn’t hear Rush say that, but it is a very good description. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. As Ronald Reagan famously reminded us ‘freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” And as Mensa notes, I have said before MANY TIMES, we have an America-hating, Muslim-sympathizer occupying the Oval Office. He is not on our side, and we need to get a president who is. Obama and the Left want to get rid our guns. We want to get rid of terrorists. It’s pretty much a no brainer, and yes, it must be fought for.

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