In Battle of Wills, KGB Colonel Putin Bests Community Organizer Obama


Putin Out Community Organizes Obama

Obama and Putin: Two Totalitarians, One Game | FrontPage Magazine (Back in March, Daniel Greenfield completely nailed what’s going on in the world. Obama is doing the community organizer thing at home, spreading chaos and fomenting rage and resentment. Putin is a global community organizer.)

Negotiators Agree to Extend Iran Nuclear Talks Four More Months, Diplomats Say –

MAY: Obama’s ‘plan’ for Iran – Washington Times (The reason we know that Iran will get a nuclear weapon is because Obama assured us that they would not)

Assad Begins a Third Term in Syria, Vowing to Look After Its People –

Obama tells Russia’s Medvedev more flexibility after election | Reuters

The Real Putin – WSJ

North Korea blasts UN over missile condemnation | GlobalPost

Selena Gomez Clarifies Her Stance On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – MTV(Face it: many millennials are more interested in her views than those of people who actually have a clue what’s going on)

It’s Official: Obama Regime Played Politics While Border Crisis Exploded

Obama aides were warned of brewing border crisis – The Washington Post (But they didn’t want to say anything about it because they feared it would mess up “comprehensive immigration reform” (read amnesty)

Another Regime Mouthpiece, this time from Eric Holder’s DOJ, cites 1984 Reagan official’ letter as excuse for not prosecuting Lois Lerner. Stop the presses. He’s trying to mislead you. We won’t let him

White House Uses Executive Privilege on ‘Fast and Furious’ Documents – The Daily Beast

Fast and Furious: Judicial Watch Granted Hearing Over Obama’s Claim of Executive Privilege on Documents – Katie Pavlich (Judicial Watch is challenging the Obama administration’s claim of executive privilege, asserted to protect Eric Holder from being prosecuted)

Lois Lerner’s Former FEC Colleague Has Emails Go Missing Too | The Daily Caller

‎ (Link to letter Darryl Issa sent to FEC Commissioner Goodman demanding information about April Sands missing hard drive)

Justice Department will not prosecute Holder over gun scandal – Chicago Tribune

Cole’s AIG Tie a Very Risky Asset | Main Justice

Deputy Attorney General James Cole Involved in ‘Fast & Furious’ Whistleblower Cover-up?

Why did the IRS provide a trove of taxpayer information to the FBI? – The Washington Post

Justice Department Learned of Lost IRS Emails From Press, Official Says – WSJ (yes, Deputy AG James Cole actually said that in the House Oversight hearing.)

Lois Lerner to 1996 U.S. Senate Candidate Al Salvi: “We’ll get you!” – Illinois Review (Back when she was at the FEC, Lois Lerner showed her true colors.) (Link to document containing Ted Olson’s 1984 opinion that Holder’s DOJ is using as the reason they can choose not to refer Lois Lerner’s contempt of Congress for prosecution, “Prosecution for Contempt of Congress of an Executive Branch Official Who Has Asserted a Claim of Executive Privilege.” The letter, dated May 30, 1984, occurs at page 111.) Since Obama Regime has not asserted executive privilege in Lerner’s case, this memo does not apply. What a shock that a liberal partisan operative like Rep. Elijah Cummings is a low-information loudmouth!

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